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cartman 09-28-04 08:40 PM

Tony's Hawk series; Stick a fork in it?
I really enjoyed the TH games previously, but the non skating parts of 4, and a great deal of underground really did nothing for me. Now it seems that they've put inline skating in THUG2. Has it become too bloated and stale to keep going? Bleh :(.

Trigger 09-28-04 09:03 PM

Yeah - I'd like to see it go back to just regular THPS. Underground sucks IMO.

darkside 09-28-04 09:21 PM

Looks like the Jackass part of skateboarding has really taken a big part in the new game.

However, it does include classic mode so you can play it like THPS.

jw2299 09-28-04 10:00 PM

I owned every THPS game up until THUG. I never got around to picking it up, but since it's so cheap now, I probably will.

Looking at the previews and ads for THUG2, I can honestly say that I have no interest in it whatsoever. I'm a big skateboarding fan (I skated from the ages of 10-28) and I'm a huge fan of Tony Hawk in general, but that fandom won't make me play a game that just doesn't look fun anymore.

the narrator 09-28-04 11:53 PM

I actually enjoyed Underground quite a bit, and am looking forward to getting Underground 2 as soon as I can scrape up the money or find a good sale on it

RudeBoie 09-29-04 01:08 AM

I want to try out UG2. I didn't like the jumping around (almost like platforming) I had to do in UG because the controls were shaky for me.

I quit UG1 before I could really get into it because of that.

People have been wndering about the longevity of THPS since 3. I reason it to other sports games. Those come out each year, what do they really add? Maybe 1 new minor gameplay mode/feature which may be good or bad, a new roster update, and gameplay tweaks.

Yet, people have no problem with plunking $50 for Madden but wonder about THPS I see them as the same thing. You may like football a lot more, but still.

gp98 09-29-04 06:49 AM

I agree with the comparison to sports titles except the big difference is that sports titles have the up-to-date rosters that isn't relevent with TH. I do think they could follow Sega's lead and charge $20 if the only changes appear to be negative IMHO.

dgmayor 09-29-04 07:34 AM

I loved THUG, but after reading about THUG2 and seeing screenshots, I'm a bit weary. Just looks a tad goofy. I'll buy it like the lemming I am I'm sure, but I just hope it's as good as the last one! :)

Noonan 09-29-04 08:02 AM

I may pick up THUG2 just because it has the classic mode in it so I can play it like 1-4. I didn't like THUG at all and never picked it up.

cowboy 09-29-04 11:12 AM

I thought the best thps was 4. I picked up thug because of that and I enjoyed it all the way through. thug 2 looks like it may be a strange game though, but it'll probably be fun. I enjoy the humor in these games.

Why didn't you guys like thug? it seems like most of you just dismissed it without even investing any time in it. I thought it had all the gameplay of 4, but with larger maps, and more mini games. I didn't like 1 - 3 because of the time limits. I liked all the new ones because of the free flowing nature of the game. Getting off the board was a waste of time though.

Josh H 09-29-04 11:25 AM

I haven't bought a Hawk game since 3 at the GC launch.

Only so many times I can play the same game with a fresh coating of paint. Variety is the spice of life.

THUG added some new stuff, but it was still skating and the non-skating stuff didn't sound interesting to me.

Leechboy 09-29-04 03:59 PM

They need to add xbox live play. That would extend the playing time for me. The best thing to do would be make an "Ultimate Tony Hawk" game for xbox. Every level from every game plus xbox live.

isamu 10-01-04 02:27 AM

It's business as usual........

DRG 10-01-04 03:46 PM

I have only played THPS4 and THUG. I loved THPS4, but I only liked THUG. The storyline aspect was interesting, but I hated that certain objectives required you to drive a car (horrid control system) and other silly stuff. The off the board tricks didn't really add anything useful other than to take away some of the fun.

The stages also were a bit less fun, IMO. In THPS4 the stages seemed to combine the best of real world feel with "skatepark in disguise". The stages in THUG generally leaned too far in one direction or another. The game generally didn't "feel" right, but it was still enjoyable. I'll rent THUG2, but I doubt I'll buy it.

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