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Darkfriend 09-07-04 11:37 PM

A couple of pics from my World of Warcraft "stress test" Beta
Last week, Blizzard invited 100,000 of us "regular" players to test their servers for a week.

And I must say I was pleasantly surprised! Who knew you could solo with a warrior without sitting on your butt for 15 minutes after 2 kills ( hello EQ?!!). I've done a bit of tradeskills but what I enjoyed the most were the quests. Sure, some of them are "courrier" quests but they are satisfying and rewarding.

And the graphics are just gorgeous, immersing you in the Warcraft universe.

Anyway, here are some pics!

Here is my lvl 7 Dwarf Paladin checking out the cool bearskin

The starting city for Dwarves is just beautiful snow with little rabbits running around -smile-

A close-up of my lvl 15 Tauren Warrior

Hitchin' a ride from city to city.


Let's get Jiggy with it!

My lvl 7 Night Elf druid next to a big ass Ancient protector.

And finally, my Undead rogue headbangin' !!

I'll pick this one up when it comes out on retail for sure. Having less time on my hands for games I can still achieve some things within an hour or 2 without having to exp grind endlessly!


FuzzyBallz 09-07-04 11:42 PM

Lucky bastard. I hate you beta testers. :)

What's your system spec, connection speed, quality setting, and was there any lag?

Darkfriend 09-07-04 11:56 PM

Hey Fuzzy, this is a one week stress test then all characters are wiped.

I have a 3.4 Ghz P4 with a ATI 9800 pro with cable connection, all effects to max and yes sometimes there was lag when 50 peeps would PVP.

But this happened maybe 5 times in 4 days so I can't complain!

Blizzard would often bring the servers down for 5 minutes just to test the login feature and whatnot...

But it definitely felt like a finished game!

Darkfriend 09-08-04 12:04 AM

Hey people, give me feedback of races you would like to see!

I will create them and post a pic!

Going to bed now, will check back tomorrow!

msdmoney 09-08-04 01:18 AM

Nice, looking forward to playing this when they release it.

Setzer 09-09-04 01:19 AM

Here's my level 4 Human Mage, Setzer of course. :D



Loving the game so far. Will definitely be getting this once it goes live. :up: :up:

Setzer 09-09-04 01:24 AM


I just noticed your chat log. No, that's not me. :P

Feneant 09-09-04 08:54 AM

The test was extended to the 12th.

I've been playing on a 3.2Ghz, gig of ram, 9700 mobility and noticed lag only once, but I did not PvP, I didn't want to level so much as to get attached so I stopped at 10.

I will play 4 toons in this order when its released :
Dwarven Hunter
Undead Warrior
Dwarven Paladin
Troll Mage

Personnally, the game was running so well I would release it now and release weekly small patches to fix bugs with monthly patches to add content. I would definitely pay to play the game as is it now.

dgmayor 09-09-04 09:07 AM

I'm downloading mine now. I really have no desire to play it though, because as nice as it looks, I don't like some of the things they've done with it (forced roleplay by splitting classes, smaller raid encounters, and some various other things)... I figure I'll give it a go during the stress test though to make sure.

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