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matrixrok9 05-12-04 12:20 AM

XBox live 2 month subscription (watch out with the billing)
I called 2 days before my account was up for the 2 month free trial to cancel the account. The microsoft rep ask if I knew I can cancel my account through dashboard, to which I replied "no". He then asked if I wanted to cancel my account on the 60th day and they would do it automatically. I said "sure". Well a 4 days past and my account was still active. I called again and asked them why it wasn't cancelled, microsoft rep said that I told them I wanted to cancel it through dashboard and I was charged $5.99. I asked to talk to a supervisor and he said he has to listen to the "recording" and they would call me back over the weekend because he has to find the recording. I doubt it's recorded because the machine doesn't say so when I called. I hope they are not bsing me again.
My friend also had a similar incident. He called on the 60th day to cancel his account and they said it was too late cus it was already the 61st day on the Eastcoast (we live in Cali). He had to argue with them for a while before they finally cancelled it without charging him $5.99. So if u guys have the free trial, I'd cancel 1 week before it's due and tell them to cancel it no matter what. Any advice what I should do if they won't give me my refund? Thanks.

Trevor 05-12-04 12:58 AM

My advice would be...why cancel? Xbox Live rocks. You can only keep your gamertag if you keep/renew that account, right?

Gideon68 05-12-04 12:58 AM

I haven't gotten on live yet, but if they charged your credit card you should dispute with your card issuer telling them it wasn't authorized.

So you're charged for cancelling your acct? I guess anyway to get more money out of you.

matrixrok9 05-12-04 01:06 AM

Well I cancelled because I had another 2 month free subscription for buying Splinter Cell: PT, after that I'm going to use the XBox Live Kit.

Trevor 05-12-04 01:41 AM

Cool, I didn't think one address/person could use more than one 2 month free trail. But sweet. I wish they had those freebies before I signed up.

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