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HN 05-10-04 10:54 PM

E3 Doom 3 Trailer




ClarkKentKY 05-10-04 11:14 PM

Kickass. If it looks that good on the Xbox, imagine it on PC. :drool:

Copenhagen 05-10-04 11:43 PM


Jackskeleton 05-11-04 01:27 AM


msdmoney 05-11-04 01:46 AM

They expected to announce a release anytime soon?

flashburn 05-11-04 07:34 AM

It seemed to be running pretty poorly. Some of those shots they were chugging badly. It does look pretty good for the Xbox though.

I can tell you one thing, you can't see shit in this game! It is one of the darkest games I have ever played(not gore wise, but lighting). Half of the time you have to run around with your damn flashlight, and you can't have a weapon out at the same time.

Trigger 05-11-04 07:38 AM

That's true - it's a really dark game. I'm probably gonna pick up the PC version and maybe later pick up the Xbox version if I like it. I'm heading straight for the Half-Life 2 booth on Wed morning though.

flashburn 05-11-04 12:34 PM


As per this Press Release put out by Acitivision + ID Software today, they announced a Summer release. Seems like it will be a race to see iwhich will be released first Doom 3 or Halflife 2.

Get Me Coffee 05-11-04 01:06 PM

looking nice a creepy....Halo 2 is all i'm looking forward for...

milo bloom 05-11-04 02:17 PM

How long is the Xbox exclusivity? We've got a GCN and a PS2 (I don't game on the PC).

I used to play the hell out of Doom on the 32X and I've been debating picking up one of the PS1 or GBA versions.

Ghym 05-11-04 02:55 PM

Originally posted by milo bloom
[B]How long is the Xbox exclusivity? We've got a GCN and a PS2 (I don't game on the PC). /B]
It's only coming out on PC and Xbox. There are no plans to bring it to PS2 or Gamecube, AFAIK.

Get Me Coffee 05-11-04 02:55 PM

dont expect it on the ps2 or gcn...

MJKTool 05-11-04 03:02 PM

Originally posted by Jackskeleton
you said it brother! :drool:

Kicker_of_Elves 05-11-04 03:07 PM


hahn 05-13-04 07:44 PM

holy shit.

me want.

gonna cost a lot more than $50 though, after all the hardware upgrades most people are gonna need.

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