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Ringo20000 05-07-04 12:06 AM

Bending NES pins
I've finally built up the courage to give fixing my NES a try. I'm at the point where if if doesn't work I'll just buy a new pin connector, but I've heard bending the pins usually fixing the blinking screen problem. I've found this article on the process, http://www.classicgaming.com/feature...es/nesrepair/, but the pictures are pretty useless as they don't show the actually bending process just a weak text picture. I'm wondering if anyone has tried this and how it worked out. Also if anyone knows where I could find a better illustration of the actually bending of the pins I would appreciate.

Jeremy517 05-07-04 12:26 AM

It works fine. Just use a flathead screwdriver and bend the pins up a little. The other alternative is to just by a new 72-pin connector.

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