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Feneant 05-04-04 11:22 AM

Xbox question on multiplayer
One thing I hate with Xbox is that on the game cases, you can't really say if its multiplayer or not. They say 1-4 players but it might mean that you have to play on Live. How do people find out if a game is multiplayer on the same console? My friends and I play some games now and again but a few we check that are supposed to be multiplayer are on Live only but we can't figure out how to distinguish between Live multiplayer or just on the same console.

For example, I am planning to buy Full Spectrum Warrior, will it have coop style (or even deathmatch) on one console?

We've been on MoH : Rising Sun for a while and want something new.

kar10 05-04-04 01:30 PM

you are right. There is no specific info on the back of the box. I recently bought Soldier of Fortune not necessarly for multiplayer but when I had the chance to try the multiplayer with some of my friend I found out that it's only Live multiplayer:(

The only way to really find out if it's multiplayer without LIVE is to check the reviews.

Giantrobo 05-04-04 01:39 PM

I was just pondering this the other day. I was going to pop in Rainbow Six 3 when a friend came over but there were no multiplayer offline stuff. Then again it's not clear so maybe I missed how to get to it.

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