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Banky 05-03-04 08:26 PM

Other Video game exchange forums?
The exchange forum on this site doesnt have much activity, does anyone know of another site with more activity? (prefferably xbox)

UAIOE 05-04-04 02:41 AM


Jeremy517 05-04-04 09:02 AM

http://www.tradegamesnow.com is a free site with many members
http://www.gametz.com costs $20 a year

Spiderbite 05-04-04 11:04 PM

Originally posted by Jeremy517
[B]http://www.tradegamesnow.com is a free site with many members
I use this one but trying to get people to trade their games can be a pain. I have stuff on their want list & try to trade & people still won't trade. It seems everyone wants to get the upper hand on a trade than make an equal trade.

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