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rfduncan 04-27-04 01:49 PM

Eternal Darkness & Nintendo Player's Choice
I saw this game at Circuit City the other day for $19.99 but decided not to pick it up (not realizing how rare it is to find it at a B&M). Is this title going out of print or is the price point an indication that it will become a Player's Choice title?

I would grab it now if it looked like those were the last two sealed copies I'd be likely to see ever again but I already have 6+ games that I haven't even started playing yet!

Is there a list of all the Player's Choice games somewhere? How often does Nintendo add to this line?

PixyJunket 04-27-04 02:49 PM

I see this all over the place used for $10-$15.. new price varies from $20-$50 (still). I doubt it'll get the PC banner as those are supposed to be top selling games.. though, I'm not sure how well F-Zero and Wario World sold and they're getting the PC banner.. who knows.

nickdawgy 04-27-04 05:41 PM

I passed up the chance to buy Eternal Darkness brand new at Target for about $12. This was about 6 months ago. I hate myself for it, as I have not been able to find it anywhere.

jeffdsmith 04-27-04 06:11 PM

I would go for it IMO.

Josh H 04-27-04 06:14 PM

I'd go for it, if it was going to be a players choice title, it would have been added to the list long ago as it came out before a lot of titles on the lineup (Metroid Prime etc).

It unfortunately didn't sell well, thus it didn't get added and apparently got discontinued.

It's a great game though, in my top 5 games this gen as of right now.

Phuzbox 04-27-04 11:52 PM

Gamestop has it for $12.99 on their site, not sure if it applies to B&M stores though.

nickdawgy 04-28-04 03:13 AM

Originally posted by Phuzbox
Gamestop has it for $12.99 on their site, not sure if it applies to B&M stores though.
new or used?

Michael Corvin 04-29-04 01:03 PM

PICK THIS GAME UP! Do not pass it up. Fantastic. I spent $50 on it and have no regrets at that price. Played through it twice, and halfway through a third time.

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