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ElementZ 04-18-04 02:31 PM

Final Fantasy XI (PC) Tech quest.
Do you need a router to play FFXI on PC?

My dad called wanting me to help his girlfriends young sons out in trying to get the game working. He was not much help over the phone, he just said it had something to do with the router. He said he was going to get the kids to e-mail me but they cannot get their Internet back up and running.

V-ism 04-18-04 05:20 PM

No, as long as your PC is connected to the internet there should be no problems playing FFXI. I use a router, and didn't have to set any port forwarding whatsoever.

Edison 04-19-04 09:13 AM

I'll second that I have a Linksys router and didn't change any settings to play FFXI.

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