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snoopydoggy2002 03-05-04 03:39 PM

xbox link
is the xbox link (where you can play multiplayer with up to 4 people) is it just a ethernet cable? give me as much information on this please.

amped 03-05-04 04:14 PM

If you want to do a system link with 2 xboxes, you'll need a crossover cable or the "official" link cable as well as 2 tvs and 2 copies of the same game.

However, if you want to link multiple xboxes, you'll need a router or hub, ethernet cable, and the same amount of tvs and copies of that game.

goLUCKY 03-05-04 04:20 PM


sniper308 03-05-04 06:32 PM

Yep, crossover cable to hook 2 xboxes directly without a hub or router, same as it would be to hook 2 computers directly from NIC to NIC without a router or hub.

Otherwise hub or router and regular ethernet cables.

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