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Old 12-10-03, 09:32 AM   #1
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How "long" is GTA3 and Vice City

I realize there is a lot of freedom to these games (side missions, rampages, randomly killing strangers and picking up Hookers, etc), but how long would it take to beat all the missions in GTA 3 and Vice City if I was to just start playing the missions all the way through. The reason I'm asking is because someone just bought it for me (Xbox Double Pack) and my olny experience with the game was playing with someone who didn't like doing the missions, but just enjoyed taking out people and exploring the various parts of the city. In fact, the only way the other parts opened up for him was because i actually would try the missions.

Couple Questions about the Xbox version:

1) are there codes for the xbox version like there were for the PS2 version?

2) Are the graphics improved?
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Old 12-10-03, 10:15 AM   #2
Cool New Member
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If you just did the missions and no side jobs or hidden objects I'd say there's about 10 or so hours of gameplay per title... But realistically with exploring and side jobs and what not I'd say there's 20+ hours per game.

To answer your other questions:
1) Yes
2) Yes
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Old 12-10-03, 10:57 AM   #3
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Originally posted by RenoGQ
If you just did the missions and no side jobs or hidden objects I'd say there's about 10 or so hours of gameplay per title
I'm not a novice gamer by any means and I don't think I could have finished GTAIII in 10 hours. I played this game for 2 months and still never got 100% complete. Its by far the best game I've played to date and you need to play it.
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Old 12-10-03, 12:50 PM   #4
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I'm pretty sure it took me a lot longer than 10 hours to beat GTAIII, and I am currently playing Vice City. Vice City looks like it will take a lot longer to complete than GTAIII did.
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Old 12-10-03, 02:01 PM   #5
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When I was inbetween jobs last month I played GTA Vice City on the XBox for a week straight just going through the main mission. It took me about 25 hours to "beat" the game.
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