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rfduncan 09-25-03 09:11 AM

Gameboy Advance/Gameboy Player Question...
I'm sure this is in the manual somewhere that came with the Gameboy player, but... I was wondering since I have a GBA and the Gameboy player for GC does that mean I can link them together for multiplayer games like Super Mario World 2 or Zelda Four Swords?

In the case of Four Swords, can I add up to three more players on the GBP and play with up to 4 people without using my GBA? I never was clear on how the playing with others who also had the game cartridge versus playing linked with other GBAs that didn't have the cartridge worked. What's the difference?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

PixyJunket 09-25-03 09:13 AM

I know that you can't play multiplayer games on the GBA Player itself.

BUUUT.. if the GBA Players has a link port like the Japanese Super Gameboy 2 did, you should be able to link the Player to a GBA and play. Just remember that in the case of Four Swords, you still need two cartridges.

rayw69 09-25-03 10:59 AM

For all intents and purposes, a GC with a Game Boy Player becomes a GBA. That is the easiest way to think about it. You couldn't play multiplayer with just just a single game boy player any more than you could play multiplayer with just a single GBA. There is a link port on the game boy player, so you could link it to other GBAs, or other GBPs for that matter.

Josh Z 09-25-03 09:45 PM

How do GBA games look when played on a larger television screen?

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