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Old 09-10-03, 11:39 AM   #1
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2 for 2, Did I Do Good? (GBA Related)

Hey, I recently got a GBA SP and wanted to pick up some games that are getting harder and harder to find (Tactics Ogre and Castlevania:HoD). I looked on ebay, but was hesitant to order them since most were being sold as "Cartridge Only."

I searched online for C:HoD using Gamestop's Game Locator, and it said that a Software, etc. loacted in a run down strip mall near me had one in stock. I called the location and explained very clearly what I was looking for and they said that "Yes, they had it in stock." So I drive over there (not the best part of town) and it turns out that it was actually C: Aria of Sorrow that they had in stock. Man, was I pissed.

Before I left the shopping center though, I decided to walk into this KB Toys that was also there. As I walk up to the counter to check out their selection, there behind the glass is a brand new copy of Tactics Ogre. I immediatley ask for it. Then I figured "what the hell" and asked if they had C:HoD. After some rifling around in the game storage cabinets, the cashier finds the last copy of C:HoD. The Tactics Ogre was stickered $39.99, but rang up $29.99 and the C:HoD was stickered $34.99, but rang up $32.99.

So, did I do good?

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Old 09-10-03, 12:13 PM   #2
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glad you were able to get what you are looking for. i'd say you got a pretty decent deal on tactics ogre game. i'd just seen that sucker at EB games for 34.99 cartridge only yesterday. as far as the casltevania game--i'm not really sure but can't that game still be found at circuit city?
at any rate, its still cool you were able to get those games brand new.
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Old 09-10-03, 12:25 PM   #3
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Tactics Orge MSRP $39.99 for $29.99 is "Stealz" but Castlevania: HOD MSRP $34.99 for $32.99 kinda rip off but for Brand New OUT of Print item is OKZ

Lucky i pickup mine copy for $14.99 w/ $5 off coupon "
Devil is GooD
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Old 09-10-03, 04:28 PM   #4
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I got the Import version of HoD off ebay a few weeks before release. It was $20.

I was hunting for Tactics Ogre for a while now. Just recently got a new copy from Funcoland, but had to pay $35.
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