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Old 09-01-03, 11:36 PM   #1
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Is Panzer Dragoon Orta OOP?

Well, after a month of reading great reviews like this one, as well as playing the impressive demo, I decided to buy PDO. I had heard that it was among the best looking games for the xbox, so I was very suprised to find that it doesn't seem to be in any stores. I think I could have ordered it from, but I'm a little too spoiled by their coupons to pay full price for one of their games. I eventaully just bought it off Ebay. Is this title actually OOP? It seems that Sega tends to do that with their ambitious Xbox titles. I can't find JSRF, Sega GT or Shenmue 2 in stores either (though they are readily available online). With new people buying consoles all the time, why not release some of these games as Platnum Hits so that new owners can enjoy them as well? Isn't almost all the cost in developing the game; why not make as much money as they can off of it?
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Old 09-02-03, 12:07 AM   #2
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I still see all the titles at TRU.
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Old 09-02-03, 01:11 AM   #3
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I believe they are all OOP... because there isn't a high demand for those games... but there still is a lot of inventory throughout, games not hard too find...
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Old 09-02-03, 03:28 PM   #4
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You shoulda preordered.
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Old 09-02-03, 03:29 PM   #5
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Originally posted by mtucker
You shoulda preordered.
Damn! Beat me to it!

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Old 09-02-03, 03:33 PM   #6
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That's going to be the "Did it come with an insert?" of the VG forum.
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Old 09-02-03, 04:02 PM   #7
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probably will be a platinum hit eventually.
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Old 09-02-03, 04:05 PM   #8
Josh H
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They had it new for $29.99 at the local Gamestop when I was in there the other day.
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Old 09-04-03, 01:54 PM   #9
Josh H
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I also saw it at the local Target last night for $29.99, so just look around, you'll stumble across it eventually.
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