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Reasons I like EB/BB/Gamestop

Old 07-24-03, 11:30 AM
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Reasons I like EB/BB/Gamestop

I can't figure out where some of you buy your games, since it seems many of you have stopped shopping at all these stores for policy changes/rude employees/other reasons!

Well, if you choose to stop shopping somewhere, you're missing out on great's why I shop at all these stores.

EB - good rebate deals (RE:0 for $20 with a $20 GC rebate) and occasional crazy prices. I just bought Rygar, Nightfire, and Eggmania for $15 total.

Gamestop - Buy 2 Get 1 free on used games, AND 10% on top of that if you have their discount card! Even better if you get Rez as one of those 3 games, sell it on eBay, and recoup your total cost for all 3!

Best Buy - their new rewards program, and occasional good sale prices on new releases. Also one cent guides on clearance.

Honestly, one person no longer shopping at a store is not going to change anything. Grin and bear it and take advantage of these deals!

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Old 07-24-03, 11:54 AM
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I take advantage of the deals, i Just refuse to go in the lame game stores unless I know of a deal ahead of time.
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Old 07-24-03, 12:22 PM
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I like to window shop at Gamerape but that's all they are good for anymore. If I know of a good deal I'll take advantage of it, but it always seems smarter and cheaper to just go to Best Buy, Circuit City, or Target.. and you'll get about 20x the money if you sell a game on eBay than trading it to them for meager amounts of credit that can only be used on their overpriced stock to begin with.
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Old 07-24-03, 01:04 PM
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Originally posted by Josh Hinkle
I take advantage of the deals, i Just refuse to go in the lame game stores unless I know of a deal ahead of time.
Pretty much my philosophy as well. I will venture in if the deal is good enough and get the specific item, and then escape, quickly.
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Old 07-24-03, 01:25 PM
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eb and gamestop stores are useful for finding obscure or old games. Games like Rez, Klonoa2, and Mr. Mosquito are pretty fun games for PS2 and they were never for sale at stores like Best Buy or Target.
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Old 07-24-03, 01:59 PM
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Buy 2 get 1 Free (used) and Trade in 3 (Xbox Ps2 or GC) games get an extra $10 credit and the gamebux discount you get on new games (basically saves you tax) are the only reasons I walk into a Gamestop. If I stay there too long my IQ starts to plummet from the inane babble of the clerks.
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Old 07-24-03, 02:12 PM
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The Gamestop around here is absolutely piss poor. As are the EBs. I hardly even buy games in person anymore, usually do it online.
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