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New Gaming Show: X-Play on TechTV

Old 05-01-03, 08:37 PM
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New Gaming Show: X-Play on TechTV

So what are your thoughts on this new show? I have only seen the past 2 episodes, but so far it seems like a few steps down in quality from Extended Play.

I'll start with the good. The scenery is pretty cool, and the intro and title graphics are also nicely done. The reviews still have the same level of care taken to them. And Morgan is hot, so thats a plus as well.

Now on to the bad. The whole show just seems a lot goofier. The announcer voice is the worst addition to the show, especially for the commercial breaks. The reviews are still good but there's too much chit-chatting between the segments. I liked how Extended play had only a few words about the game and went straight to the review or preview. Adam just seems a lot crazier for some reason and because of that its hard to take the show seriously, which might sound funny for a gaming show, but EP wasn't this crazy. As for Morgan, I know she's a gamer because I've been reading her journal for some time now but she isn't that convincing (yet?). They should have gotten Kate back, she was cool. Kate was a real hardcore girl gamer who had a good presence. I'm going to give the show more time as I have only seen a few episodes and I'm sure it will get better as they work together and become more comfortable doing the show but so far it hasn't lived up to what EP was. Anyone else catch it? What do you think?
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Old 05-01-03, 09:29 PM
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The good: Morgan is hot, and now the show is on every week day (or maybe 4 days a week, I don't know, but it is more than the once per week that it used to be), which allows them to get more in-depth with reviews and previews (could be considered bad, if the game they are talking about doesn't interest you). So each show covers fewer games than before, but since there are more shows per week, the articles have more info to them

The bad: They are acting goofy, and the voice I can live without.
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Old 05-01-03, 10:05 PM
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Yeah, I caught it today as well. Morgan sucks as a reviewer, she has absolutely nothing of worth to say about a game. Adam is good and comprehensive, but I think the format of the new show isn't his style and his reviews are suffering a bit.

The show I saw had them demo Gladius live, and it was a pretty awkward sequence. Too much fumbling about just trying to show some actual gameplay, and in the end it wasn't worth watching.

I liked EP better as well.

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Old 05-01-03, 10:10 PM
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the show just plain sucks. Extended Play wasn't great, but this show is just awful.
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Old 05-01-03, 10:13 PM
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Extended play was awful to begin with. I swear, every game had a rave review when he talked about it and then boom a 3 out of 5. then the bad games were also given a damn 3 out of 5.
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Old 05-01-03, 10:13 PM
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Wow. I though extended play was pretty lame. Corny and perpetuated the "gamer geek" stereotype.

I don't even want to see this new show if it's even worse.
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Old 05-01-03, 10:57 PM
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A little more debate between the hosts would be nice. Reviews are pretty solid though.
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Old 05-01-03, 11:13 PM
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My take:

All the nay-sayers can go to hell. This show is EXTREEEEEME, obviously targetted at hardcore and EXTREEEEEEME gamers.

It's cool how when they don't have anything substantive for the show, they have some trite, insipid skit with EXTREEEEEEEME camera filters to give the scene an EXTREEEEEEMELY gritty, black & white look.
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Old 05-02-03, 08:42 AM
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It's horrible. I'm now at the point where I fast forward through it. I'm thinking of cancelling the season pass on my Tivo.

It's soooooo cornball goofy that I just can't take it any more. Let the stupid "disembodied voice" thing go for crying out loud!! It wasn't funny the first 14 times.

Adam Sessler can be funny. But I think he's funny in a non-scripted, improv kind of way. He appeared on The Screensavers recently and he was naturally funny. But give him a script of this drivel and he's downright annoying.

Morgan has got to go. She's so stiff and contributes nothing. I've never understood the big deal. I guess it's the fact that she's a fairly good looking geek girl. She's just not a good TV personality.

At one extreme, you have Adam bouncing off the walls, with his "wacky" dial turned up to 11. Right next to him is cardboard Morgan.

If you're going to do a daily gaming show, why not make it more like The Screensavers? Take a couple of calls, cover current gaming news, show some tips and tricks, etc. Instead we get to read email like "what's your favorite game?" and "Adam sucks!". Who the hell cares?

This is just a more annoying version of Extended Play.
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Old 05-02-03, 08:45 AM
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BTW, did anyone actually watch that pathetic "CB talk" skit from the Thursday night show? It was bad enough with no audio and the video in fast forward mode. I feel bad for anyone that might have been in an adjacent room and heard it, couldn't find their remote or were held down and forced to watch it as a form of torture.
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Old 05-02-03, 09:16 AM
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maaaan, the new format sucks. i almost felt embarassed watching it, it seemed so corny. They're trying too hard to look hip, but don't seem to have the creativity or budget to do it. so instead, they just use a lot of flying in camera zooms and some handicam black and white filtered video. oh yeah, and why not bring in a supposedly-attractive-for-a-computer-chick cohost who can do stiff standups and uncomfortable banter with adam?

I knew Extended Play, Extended Play was a friend of mine. You, sir, are no Extended Play!
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Old 05-02-03, 10:02 AM
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Yep, another vote for it sucking. They review what like 3 games now, and have tons of stupid skits and stuff. I don't need to see Adam do like stuff live like acting like he's in ghost recon and stuff.

It's good that it's on more, but it just means more time for crap

I swear, 30-35% of the show is commercial time now, for our next game after the commercial blah, then comeback from commercial break, and they do the intro to the game, commercial come back game etc.

That girl is sorta hot for a computer girl and stuff, the one day I saw it, she had this super tight shirt on not bad, however she also looks and talks like a cyborg, so it's not all that thrilling.
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Old 05-02-03, 10:40 AM
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I caught last nights episode, didn't see the previous ones if there were any.

Well, I still appreciate the show for what it offers, but I do tend to prefer the Extended Play format better. Extended Play was mostly about previews/reviews and the games. Seems X-Play is taking more of a dynamic talk-show type format where there is more interaction between the hosts to make for a 'friendlier' show? They cover less material now in preference of the staged banter between the hosts.

Unlike some of you, I like the witty cornball comments Adam makes about the game. I like the humor - without it I think it would be an incredibly dry show. I do think Morgan is out-of-place, she seems very nervous when she's talking. I noticed the only game she covered was WWE Crashdown, Adam took all the other ones. It was kind of cool watching them actually play the game a bit right on the show. But did you see how Megan was playing the game? She was absolutely horrible at it! If she's the one that really did the review, I put very little faith in anything she says as she has no idea what she was doing.
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Old 05-03-03, 07:50 PM
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Doodz! This show has sucked since it changed from GamespotTV. Well, not true, but I agree that the show is not fitting too well right now. I like Adam when improvising or reading his own script (you can tell with him), but Morgan is just so boring when reading a teleprompter. Ugh. Unbearable. Hopefully, they will find a groove and stick with it.
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Old 05-03-03, 11:17 PM
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The would be better off just showing reviews and previews with voice over and skip the hosts all together. Not that I mind looking at a big pair of boobs, but Adam and Morgan are just too big a pair of boobs for me to stand.
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Old 05-04-03, 07:48 AM
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Extended play was awful to begin with. I swear, every game had a rave review when he talked about it and then boom a 3 out of 5. then the bad games were also given a damn 3 out of 5.
have'nt seen the new show yet but if it's still scoring games from 1 to 5 this needs to change.

like the quote states a 1 to 5 scale is very misleading, alot of games seem to fall in the 3 range,
i would like to see a 1 to 10 scale be used with no 1/2 points given, a 7 or above is a game i should get and granted i like that type of game, and a 6 being borderline, a 5 or under well, rent it or just stay away from.

it would also be nice to see a gamer rating system, i.e. the show reviews a game and viewers themselves go to there site and rate it from 1 to 10 according to graphics, sound, playability, replay value and so on or the show looks into other sites to see what gamers are rating a certain game, i've stop relying on magazines and shows like these to make my game buying decisions long ago with some games getting better than average scores only to end up sitting on the shelf.

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Old 05-04-03, 08:33 PM
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it sucks. techtv just gets worse and worse...
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Old 08-07-03, 10:17 PM
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Well, after watching for a few months now, I think the show has gotten better. I like them being able to devote much more time to each individual review, preview, or feature - the other day, they played the whole 8 minute Halo2 preview footage from E3. (Plus, Morgan is nice to look at!)

And they aren't afraid to give out low scores.
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Old 08-08-03, 12:29 AM
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I know it is about the games which frankly when you aren't playing are just eye candy. It doesn't hurt if the host(ess) is too.

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Old 08-08-03, 12:48 AM
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I don't know from what I've seen I can't stand Adam. They should be more straight forward and less trying to be funny.
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Old 08-08-03, 12:57 AM
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I forgot about this thread. Anyway I got sick of this show and stopped watching altogether. I tried watching a more recent episode and it has improved a little bit (Morgan's neckline has decreased quite a bit), but she is still totally faking it, and they are really late on reviews. The one I watched they were reviewing Ape Escape 2 weeks after it had been out. It's not worth watching IMO. I tried going over to their boards to complain but they are awful. Probably the worst I've encountered. It was somewhat funny to see that even after all this time people are still complaining about the show.

If G4 ever goes under, I hope they put a show on TTV and give X-Play some competition.
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Old 08-08-03, 06:03 AM
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I find the show hard to watch. I thought the more straight forward approach of extended play was much better. Yes Morgan is nice to look at but I just get the feeling that she doesn't even play games. When they had lan parties on the screen savers she would act like she never held a mouse before. I liked Kate much much better. She seemed to know what the hell was going on, and seemed to have a real love for video games. Plus her and Adam had much better chemistry. Since Morgan is supposed to be the "hot girl" they've turned Adam into some "bumbling dope" which makes the show so painful. I can also do without the pessimistic/sarcastic twang the show seems to stress. Seems like every game they review either "sucks!" or "just sucks" or is "terrible".
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Old 08-08-03, 11:30 AM
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I was in the back ground of a recently aired segment on arcade game auctions.
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Old 08-08-03, 11:38 AM
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The only reason I watch it is to see moving video of the games without having to go to the trouble of downloading.

I want to be a humor consultant for them though. I think I could fix Morgan's awful timing and delivery.
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I still can't stand the show. Just too corny for me. I don't think Morgan is all that great looking either. Better than Kate, but that's not saying much.
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