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Dah-Dee 04-28-03 02:45 PM

Gamecube game deals Costco B&M
Just saw a few new-to-Costco Gamecube titles for 19.99 each:

Jimmy Neutron
Disney's PK
Rugrats Royal Ransom
Big Air Freestyle

Other 19.99 Gamecube titles I saw, don't think they're new to Costco:

Lost Kingdoms
Darkened Skye
Minority Report
4X4 Evo 2
Aggressive Inline
Baldur's Gate
Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2
Spy Hunter
Egg Mania
ESPN Winter Sports 2002
MLB Slugfest 20-03
NFL Blitz 20-03
NHL Hitz 20-03
Red Card 20-03
Outlaw/Swingerz (?) Golf
Robotech Battlecry
Super Bubble Pop
XG3 Extreme G Racing

Please post any others you find!

jdpatri 04-28-03 05:28 PM


Dah-Dee 04-29-03 11:43 AM

Yeah, I saw one copy of Cubivore recently, picked it up but didn't buy it, have been kicking myself ever since, as it is apparently hard to find and/or not discounted much. Seems like an interesting game concept. Rats. I figure it'll pop up again at some point, though.

dancinns 04-29-03 04:41 PM

I saw NASCAR Thunder and NHL 2003 for $20 at my Costco.

Dah-Dee 05-02-03 08:56 PM

Some others I just saw for 19.99:

Dr. Muto
Knockout Kings 2003
Madden 2002
NCAA Football 2003
NBA Live 2003
FIFA 2002
FIFA World Cup 2002
Kelly Slater's Pro Surfer
NBA Courtside 2002
Mystic Heroes
Ty the Tasmanian Tiger
WWE Wrestlemania X8
Legends of Wrestling

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