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EB Trade-In policy - Anyone tried it?

Old 04-13-03, 01:52 AM
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EB Trade-In policy - Anyone tried it?

Just wanted to know how this works and are there any special circumstances that goes with it? I'm interested in trading some games for Midnight Club 2, Splinter Cell, or just something else. I tried asking the salepeople, but they seem to be as clueless as I am.
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Old 04-13-03, 09:15 AM
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Last time I traded something there was when they had a deal about trading dvds for $10 each which will be deposit in credit. My dvds where in like new condition but I saw people trading dvds and games in terrible shape but I'm not sure if that affects the trading value. either way I think that they try to rip you off by giving you almost nothing for your traded games or dvds.

That's the reason I don't deal with them when it comes to trading.
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Old 04-13-03, 10:11 AM
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I've never done it as I have had good luck trading/selling games in other ways, but it is my understanding that if you get in on one of the special deals for trade-ins, (like on a new release they sometimes have a trade 2 and get this new release) and it seems from people posting here that they can be pretty liberal about what you trade in during these special deals. People here have reported purchasing EB's lowest priced used title and immediately using it as a trade in. It does seem to be a YMMV thing depending on your local store.
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Old 04-13-03, 12:09 PM
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Yeah, I haven't actually done any trading in, but they usually will accept just about anything except old sports games. That's about the only exception to the rule as far as I know.
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Old 04-13-03, 06:16 PM
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Trade-in values are pretty low. Expect $12-20 on a fairly new title(if you're lucky, mid- to upper-$20's on a hot title), and like $6-$8 on a Greatest Hits-priced title. Anything for DC, PSX, etc. gets really crappy credit from them unless it is rare.
I asked about DVDs once, and they said they give a very low amount for them since they don't sell very well. Last time I was in EB, a guy traded in a mint copy of the Die Hard Ultimate Collection box set, and they gave him $4 for it. Stay away.
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Originally posted by KingSmoth
Last time I was in EB, a guy traded in a mint copy of the Die Hard Ultimate Collection box set, and they gave him $4 for it. Stay away.
Boy, I would have loved to pick that one off. In our mall, theres a couple really dumb DVD buyers, who trade stuff to EB all the time. It's all thanks to them I managed to get the 6 disc Planet Of The Apes boxed set, for 14 dollars and some change.

EB's trade in deals just aren't really good anymore though. In the old days you could take anything in and get a decent deal. 2-3 old games would get ya a new one easy, plus a memory card or a magazine or something. Now anytime they have a special deal, everything is excluded. The exclude practically anything that's more than 2 months old. Then offer to give you 3 bucks for it instead. Not worth it at all. You would be better off to ebay old games or just keep them like I do. Or there are alternatives. If you have an FYE or a Saturday Matinee, they buy games. Their rates are much better. They were still offering 25 bucks for GTA3 last time I checked (bout a month ago).
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