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mrkent 03-14-03 01:34 PM

PS2 and receiver set up question
This is weird, or maybe it's just me. I need someone to help me clear this smoke.

I have the PS2 hooking up to a Sony Reciever. I set the station up to hasve Digital out. When I play DTS, there is a blue light showing in the front. The question that I have to ask is why is it when I play a DVD movie, with 5.1 or DTS, it just shows PRO LOGIC in the front? I did everything from going to the audio setup and selecting 5.1 or DTS and even having it running the little scene demo and still have nothing. Am I doing something wrong or is it really just a normal thing for the PS2?

The Franchise 03-14-03 02:25 PM

First make sure you're receiver is setup to automatically detect the DD or DTS signal. Then make sure that you have your optical out enabled on the PS2 via the PS2 setup section (not on the DVD but on the actual PS2 itself when you power up without a disc on and). Sounds like you have both these steps complete but I just wanted to make sure.

Finally make sure the PS2 DVD option for digitial sound out is enabled. When you are playing a movie go to the setup screen of the PS2 DVD on screen display (hit select a few times I think) and go to audio setup to enable DTS and DD5.1 This is most likely your problem since I had that as well.

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