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Maur0 12-16-02 11:40 AM

Steel Battalion Out of Print?

I want to buy Steel battalion and some sites are not selling it anymore

Ebay sellers are saying that is out of print and hard to find... is it true?

Any place where I can buy it online?


Liver&Onions 12-16-02 11:47 AM

I got an email from Capcom the other day saying the final shipment is like Feb 1 or something

Lastblade 12-16-02 11:57 AM

What liver said, you can still order one from capcom, but that supposedly will be the last print of the game/controller!

It is well worth it, I played a few hours last night, what a game!

Josh H 12-16-02 11:58 AM

I believe if you go to EB and/or Gamestop, you can have them order it for you for no additional cost.

I imagine it will go out of print and be tough to find pretty soon though. Probably most of the people willing to pay $200 for it have already bought it or will be getting it for X-mas.

TheMadMonk 12-16-02 12:30 PM

But I've also heard that Capcom wants to let other companies design games that use the controller; seeing as how they now have a monopoly on really, really huge xbox controllers. If this is so, then I would think that they will definately keep making the game and controller, and perhaps even sell the controller separately in the future. Who knows. But other companies aren't going to design games that only use a controller that ~10,000 gamers have.

Josh H 12-16-02 12:34 PM

Yeah, but like you said, what are the odds of another company spending the time and money to develop a game designed around a controller that very few people have?

The controller has a ton of buttons, it's not like they can make a game support it or the normal x-box controller.

The only future games that will use the controller are any SB sequels.

CaptainMarvel 12-16-02 12:49 PM

I wish I had the spare change to buy a copy of this; if the rumors are true, this game is going to skyrocket on eBay.

Although, aren't they releasing a sequel? I'd be willing to bet anything that if they do that, they'll re-release the control. Otherwise, their maximum number of sales will automatically be less than the number of people who bought the first game.

Josh H 12-16-02 01:50 PM

That would make sense, sell the sequel both with and without the controller, so as to not limit the audience to those that bought the first game.

But then again, I doubt very many people who weren't willing to spend the $ for the original will be willing to spend them on the sequel either. Maybe just some that didn't have the money right now, and didn't want to pay high Ebay prices after the shipment sold out.

juanmgonzalez 12-17-02 03:37 PM

Picked up SB from the local Wherehouse store last night (Redondo Beach, CA)

I had originally seen a copy at the Wherehouse in Torrance, CA last Wednesday, but didn't think about picking it up. I showed up last night to pick it up, but didn't see the familiar box behind the counter. :-(

I called around, and found one at the other store which I promptly had them hold while I drove over there.

Mighty nice Christmas gift to me from my wife...

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