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What would you want from a Video Game site?

Old 09-25-02, 01:46 PM
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What would you want from a Video Game site?

I'm sure a lot of you know that I started up a video game site with some members from here about 6 months ago. We've watched our traffic grow from next to nothing to almost 1500 visitors a day. I don't think that's too shabby for 6 months.

We really were trying to concentrate on the whole community feel but people seem to just want to come to read the news and reviews and leave. If we're going to be just another video games news site, the site will never get anywhere since Gamespot and IGN already do that better than most. Last thing I want to do is compete with them.

What I am asking is what are those news sites missing that you wish a game site would have? What would be that ultimate game site to compliment that news site you already visit? Yes, I'm looking to steal some ideas. Hopefully you'll benefit in return by our team providing something that you would want to see. I really appreciate your opinions!!! If you get bored, the site is located at . If you have some free time and would like to help out, drop me an email at [email protected] . Thanks again!!!!

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These are just random things I want from ANY game site, not gripes about your site as I've only been to it a couple times and I'm not familar enough with it to make specific suggestions.

1. No "fanboy" attitudes on the site, and none allowed in the forums.

2. Timely news.

3. Practice good journalism. Make sure your grammar's proper, don't report stuff without confirming the information.

4. Timely, fair reviews. Don't say the game sucks or rocks, explain what you like and dislike about it.

5. Have editor profiles that tell you what type of games that reviewer enjoys, ala EGM. For example, I'm not interested in what an FPS fan thinks about Mario Sunshine, I want to know what a platformer fan thinks about it.
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Originally posted by mmconhea
are you talking like naked pictures of Mario and Luigi? Sorry, won't go there. :P
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What I like to see is a visually clean page. (something that gamespot doesn't provide IMO) Not a lot of splash graphics. Make the site easy to navigate and find your information. And from What I see of your site so far, it looks nice.

I like to see pertinent screenshots. Not just as many as they can capture (like gamespot).

Keep up the good work.
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an Online console section! just info on online games!
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What I like to find on a game site is quick, almost insider-like, news. Like reading about Microsoft planning to buy Rare a month before it actually happened. Screenshots or scans of games that have almost zero footage of (i.e. The render picture of Yuna for the new Final Fantasy X spinoff taken at Tokyo Game Show). Newest details about games yet to be released. I realize that alot of this would be difficult for a small website. I also go to game sites that have high quality video footage, like trailers and footage from E3 or TGS, which is also difficult for a small website.

But if you can get that type of news, that you would need to have contacts for, I'd be a frequent visitor . One site that comes to mind that was great was
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Be absolutly nothing like the current IGN, WAY tooooo many ads!
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it needs to be


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I always enjoy a good editorial or funny story.

Check out for some inspiration.
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