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dasmooth1 09-25-02 12:30 PM

HELP - Any1 having problems configuring Adapter with DSL?
I finally got my DSL modem hooked up last night. I use AOL for my highspeed connection and connect the network adapter straight to the modem via an ethernet cable. When i run the set up wizard, i use the automatic settings and input my screenname and password but it always tells me "Connection test failed"

Am i doing something wrong?

Quake1028 09-25-02 09:53 PM

Try to put no when it asks you if you need a username and password. Also, do these steps.

1.Plug in ethernet cord to PS2 with power OFF.
2.Turn on modem, wait for light(s) to stabilize.
3.Turn on PS2.

Let me know if this works. Worked for me.

Aghama 09-25-02 11:49 PM

Check up in here:


jwang 09-26-02 04:21 AM

AOL Broadband
AOL Broadband is not currently supported by the setup utility (although AOL dialup is supported).

An updated setup utility program is being developed to support AOL Broadband, which will be distributed with future OPM/Underground demo disks.

dasmooth1 09-26-02 10:35 AM

thanks for the input guys, i really appreciate it.

Quake, do u have aol dsl as a provider?

i'll try your suggestion tonight. But from what i've read in other threads and on SCEA.com, AOL is jipping it's members once again. I spent 70 dollars for socom and i can't get online with it, what kind of crap is that? The funny thing is i've called sony tech support several times and nobody "knows anything" about a problem with AOL. They say they've "heard of no problems" with AOL, how can that be? are they lying? i hate this!! anyhow, i'll call AOL and see if any of their wonderful 13 year old reps know anything about this, somehow i think i'll be put on hold for hours and then eventually hung up on...AOL sucks!

dasmooth1 09-26-02 10:38 AM

Hey Jwang, any idea when this new set up utility program is due out?

jwang 09-26-02 12:31 PM

New setup utility
It will take at least a month or two, but hopefully it will be available in time for the Thanksgiving/Christmas season.

dasmooth1 09-27-02 09:41 AM

Thanks for the response Jwang..

I called the AOL/PS2 support line, (apparently some section of AOL tech support strictly for the PS2 & AOL), and they said that the service will be free until December 22nd. When i asked what that meant, they couldn't give me details. I just gave up and hung up.

Can aol start charging for something that didn;t work in the first place? What a mess AOL is.

Just thought i'd add this to the mix.

Thanks again!

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