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Dead to rights help

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Dead to rights help

How do you beat Pinnacle at the end of chapter 13?
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Chapter Thirteen: Greed:

Shoot the two mercenary's with the sniper rifle, and then head to the
right or left. I like the right, because you can use the big truck as
cover, but to the left is a few more guys/shields, and box's to cover
you. Clear out the area of guys and then circle around to the far side
of the yard. After you kill the two guys there, try and use the red
box. It's a lock that you need to grab an assassin to open, so go hide
behind the red container while the helicopter drops off guys and cap
them until you can grab an assassin. Shoot anyone in your way and take
him to the box to open the door. Now kill your hostage, and turn
around. The gate is on the far side of the compound. Hang to the
right and grab the armor/health from inside the canister if you need
it. Now follow the right wall around the chain link fence and past the
canisters on the left there will be a TON of guys. Run in guns blazing
and hit the use button on the little green icon, and after the gate
opens run inside. You can also hang back and kill most of the guys,
but they will never stop, since the helicopter keeps dropping more.

Use Shadow to kill the guard in front of you and then your AKM to
take out the guard to your right. Head down the walkway. You will see
mercenaries charging you from above, take out the group of four and
then keep heading down the stairs, once another group of two GAC's get
to you, turn around and dispatch them. Once you get to a place with a
large rock and an outcropping, take out the guys here and use the rock
as cover to take out the other guys down below. When you've cleared
the path head down the way to the next section, and remember to grab
the armor before you get there.

Cliff 2:
Just keep running is the best advice I can give. Except when you get
to the part where a guy is way up top and you can barely see the gate
down below from where you're at. Stop for a moment to snipe the guy up
top, and then keep running. Once you get to the gate, it is locked,
turn around and head up the path to the left. You will circle around
to the control room up there with a large health/armor/RL/switch.
Throw the switch to unlock the gate and then blow your way through the
guys that come up the path. Get to the gate and open it and go through
to the next section.

Cliff 3:
Now it's time to slow down a little again, because of all the snipers
in this area. Hug the right wall and snipe the guy on top of the
buildings. Then snipe the guys down below on the docks, but save 1 or
2 bullets for your sniper rifle. Use the rock on the left as cover and
kill the remaining sniper. Now move down to the stairs where you can
clear the next area of guys, and then move down there. Stay low and
use cover to take out the rest of the guys further on the dock. Once
it's clear, head for the pathway on the left that leads down under the
building. More guys will appear as you make your way down. If you
need it there is a side room with health and armor. Once you are at
the bottom follow the path to the right and try to use the elevator.
It won't work and the helicopter will come, so storm your way back up
top and this time keep going on the dock. Work your way around to the
right of the building, and there is an assassin in the back that has a
key. After you have the key no more guys come down from the
helicopter, so go back around the building, down the stairs, and into
the elevator.

Proceed forwards until guards come rushing through the doors in front
of you and use the cover to take them out with no problem. After they
are gone, go through those doors your self. Go in and take cover to
take out the guys in this room, after it's done go straight forwards
and try to open the door. This will let more guys into the room from
the doorway on the left (from where you entered), so turn around and
use the pillars as cover to take out the guys that just entered. After
they are gone, you can go through the door that they came in and hang
to the cover on the left. Kill the guards and hang a right at the end
of the hallway. At the end of that hall is the next door to go
through. Be careful when you open the door, because there is a guy on
the other side with a grenade launcher. Run backwards to avoid the
blast (which will kill a bunch of guards) and then go forwards and
storm the room. (Taking out the nade launcher first) Head to the right
and go up the stairway. Follow the hallway at the top to get to a room
with a security guard that has a key. There is also an armor/health in
this room, so after you grab them head back to that locked doorway by
the start. The room where you kill the guy with the grenade launcher
now has a bunch of guys down below that you can use the grenade
launcher on. Once back at the locked door (now unlocked) head through
it and use the grenade launcher on the guys down the hall way. Once
you are at the end you will find a level 3 doorway to the right. So go
in the doorway to the left and kill all the guys in there. Move
through the doorway at the end and sweep through this hallway. At the
end you will go up a small slop and enter a room with 4 pillars. Kill
all the guys in the room and then head up the ramp on the other side.
You will hear some guys talking about the busted elevator, so relieve
them of their keys and then head back to the level 3 doorway. Go
through it and keep going down the hallway until there is a doorway on
your left. Go into it and kill the guys inside. The last one has a
fuse that you need, so grab it and head back out. Kill all the guys
that try to intercept you. If you need armor/health head to the left
and grab it at the end, otherwise head right and back to the elevator.
Remember guys will be back guarding the hallways. Watch out in the
room with 4 pillars, there are a bunch of guys up top on the walkway.

Landing Pad:
Now you are on the landing pad, grab the health if you need it and
then go right and then left down the walkway to find Pinnacle (15).
After you are done with him, head inside, grab the health/armor and
then head over to the green icon on the wall to get the explosives.

Before you go down, use your sniper rifle on the guy on the steps at
in the hanger. Then head down the steps, and go to the left at the
bottom and follow the wall. Half way along the wall there is a machine
with a green icon, use the explosives on it. Follow the wall and plant
the rest of the explosives. (Rail tail of the plane, right wall back,
right wall forward, Last on the forklift) After they are all planted,
you will have to fight the twins (16)... on a timer! After you defeat the
2 of them, run to the door and watch the cutscene.

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Is pinnacle the mayor?

1.if so You want him to stay at distance and let him charge you.
at the last second when near press the Y button to dive
2.After awhile he will get tired, run behind him press the 'grab" button . You will then begin to choke him .

3.Press the grab button and the button to the left the "grab button" to choke him.
he will then throw you
repeat step 1.
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Thanks but I figured it out last night. I got to Hennessy now but I didn't try to fight him yet. I just saved it.

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