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DamingR 09-24-02 12:33 PM

S-Video For NES???
Anybody here know the best way to hook up my NES w/ S-Video (preferred) or component video cables? I know the "toaster" system has component outs, but I recently got a top-loader, which doesn't have these. I found a couple of products at buy-rite, but I'm not sure if they would work well or if I could pick them up at Radio Shack under some different name (I think I saw that once in this forum) at a much reduced rate.

Anyway, here's what they have at buy-rite:

S-Video Cable

Composite -> S-Video Adapter

Thanks in advance!

Trigger 09-24-02 12:56 PM

Wouldn't it be cheaper just to buy another NES that has the connectors and cables you want off fleabay?

Aghama 09-24-02 01:08 PM

The toaster NES had what now?

Soybean 09-24-02 01:38 PM

You mean composite, right? The NES definitely did NOT have component.

goLUCKY 09-24-02 01:46 PM

I bought a combo PS2/Nintendo/Xbox cable with s-video output from Target a while back. I think it was about $9. It was the Madcatz brand.


DamingR 09-24-02 02:07 PM

Yes, I meant composite. Sorry about that.

The original NES cannot be hooked up with the multitude of SNES/N64/GCN S-Video connectors. It only has a single composite output for an RF adaptor.

The devices I linked to are supposed to convert the single composite output to S-Video, but I need some further explanation as to how that works, how effective it is, or if there is a cheaper way.

There was never a NES that could be hooked up via S-Video, so I can't just "buy one on EBay."

Thanks again.

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