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Official Metroid Prime Web Site Launches!!

Old 09-23-02, 09:26 AM
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Official Metroid Prime Web Site Launches!!

I've been looking forward to this game since it was announced, and its getting pretty close to showtime.... nintendo has launched the offical web site, complete with teaser trailers...

check it out.

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Old 09-23-02, 10:41 AM
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Not much of a website yet.. Watched the 24 meg video though, I"m still on the fence with this game.

Not sure if I want a 1st person perspective with a game like Metroid. I will wait to see reviews on this before I hop on it I believe.
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Old 09-23-02, 11:05 AM
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Don't have a GC anyway, but a first person shooter for metroid stinks. The original had me obsessed back in the day though.
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Old 09-23-02, 12:34 PM
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I was underwhelmed at E3 by it - As a Metroid game, I don't think it'll fully satisfy the core fans... As a FPS game, it's less than spectacular. It'll be something I'll want to play though since I'm a FPS freak and all.
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Old 09-23-02, 05:10 PM
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I'll wait to play it before I make any assumptions about it. Thanks for the news on the web site.

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Old 09-23-02, 06:41 PM
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It looks and plays great. It's not a frenetic FPS. It's more Metroid than you think.
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Old 09-23-02, 07:06 PM
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That is a great image of Samus at the home page. Thanks for the link. I can't wait until this game hits in November!

And to the doubters, here is what the gaming industry is saying about Metroid Prime:

The visual style...the sheer variety of textures used, the particle effects, the geometry, the curving architecture and vegetation that surrounds objects, all comes together for a very moody, not to mention stunning experience. If there was ever any doubt that GameCube was a powerful console in the hands of the right developer, let it be squashed once and forever: Metroid Prime is phenomenally, unbelievably polished, jaw-droppingly beautiful. Retro Studios owns....Fabulous. Amazing. Outstanding. Phenomenal. Wow... Before E3 2002 we had our doubts about Metroid Prime as a whole. After the show, we had our doubts that other levels would be as solid as the first demo. Now, we have no doubts. This game kicks our collective ass. It's stunningly beautiful, clever, innovative, and most of all fun. It'll remind players why they've always loved the Metroid franchise and at the same time blow away newcomers with its style, theme and play mechanics. This is Nintendo's flagship title. :
Metroid Prime is looking more impressive than levels (and a slightly tweaked version of the demo available for play at this past May's E3) were demonstrated for the hungry eyes of the journalists in the room, and no one was disappointed. There are a lot of play mechanics and situations that will please Metroid fans of old, and plenty of new ideas that should successfully carry the series into the future as well. ... Despite some initial skepticism, I'm now convinced that first-person shooter is the next best form to side-scrolling platform gameplay Metroid could have taken.
Brilliantly-paced, with some of the finest art ever to grace a video game, 'Metroid Prime' looks to be a contender for best game of this generation... Metroid Prime is visually stunning — stunning beyond belief. Hollywood could take some lessons from the set and creature designs in this game...
EGM (August 2002):
Metroid has taken to 3D like a Norfair Squeept to lava. (Geek-speak translation: "3D works here.") ... Thanks to its intuitive controls and first person adventure gmeplay, Metroid is shaping up much better than hardcore fans expected.
EGM's Top 10 Games of E3 2002:
1. Zelda (GC)
2. Mario Sunshine (GC)
3. Metroid Prime (GC)
4. Metroid Fusion (GBA)
5. Steel Battalion (Xbox)
6. Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance (GBA)
7. Splinter Cell (Xbox)
8. Panzer Dragoon Orta (Xbox)
9. Soul Calibur 2 (arcade)
10. Socom: U.S. Navy Seals (PS2)
And to those who want a new Metroid 2-D adventure... Nintendo has you covered as well with Metroid Fusion for GBA.

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Old 09-24-02, 09:04 AM
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i'm pretty stoked about the new metroid. i can't wait for it to arrive. i'm a little curious about how they are going to make metroid a 1st person adventure as opposed to a shooter, as a lot of the allure of the first three metroid titles were the exploring parts. but i have yet to read anything bad about this game so it sounds like they are doing a good job with getting it into 3-d....
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Old 09-24-02, 09:17 AM
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Nintendo doing it right.
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Old 09-24-02, 12:06 PM
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Originally posted by CreatureX
And to those who want a new Metroid 2-D adventure... Nintendo has you covered as well with Metroid Fusion for GBA.

Metroid Fushion is supposed to link up with Metroid Prime via the GBA connection . I don't typically like FPS games but the impressions keep grabbing my attention.

(possible semi maybe spoiler warning) I saw this cool bit on Extended Play where they were showing Samus using some sort of xray visor to examine a locked door and you could see the how locking mechnism turning, or something like that it was a really short clip but very cool. (/semi spoiler warning)

I can't wait to play it!
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Old 09-24-02, 12:12 PM
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Metroid Prime is going to kick some major ass. I know quite a few people who've played it at E3 and most of them thought it was phenomenal. Brilliant visuals, tight level design and great gameplay.

And by the way, this is not a first-person shooter, it's a first-person adventure game. Yes, it's almost becoming cliche to say that, but it's true. Just because the game uses a first-person viewpoint and has shooting doesn't make it a "first-person shooter". Tomb Raider had shooting in it... did that make it a 3rd-person shooter? Nope. It was a 3rd-person adventure game. Actually play Metroid Prime, and you'll see that the focus is much more on adventuring and solving puzzles than shooting. I've heard you can go 20 minutes without running into more than two or three enemies. Doesn't sound like a "shooter" to me. That's why the aiming was simplified - so that the gameplay is focused on other things besides combat.
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Old 09-24-02, 01:10 PM
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Originally posted by Trigger
As a Metroid game, I don't think it'll fully satisfy the core fans...
I'll let you know.
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