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HELP ! Red Faction for PS2

Old 09-20-02, 01:01 PM
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HELP ! Red Faction for PS2

Hey gamers....

Hope someone out there can help me out.

I am right in the middle of the [email protected]@ RED FACTION for [email protected] & am totally stuck on a level that I CANNOT get past no matter what I do I keep getting killed.

It's at the part where I am in the med labs in the "white jacket disguise" & only have my pistol and a measly 20 rounds... meanwhile I'm up against 4 guards wearing body armor & toting shotguns! ouch..... no way past these guys no matter what.

I have checked many websites for walkthroughs & or codes and found only CODES for the PC version which is wothless.

I need to get a cheat code to get weapons or life so I can get past this damm level. Otherwise I have to start all over and lose many an hour spent
on this game.

ANy help would be appreciated.


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Old 09-20-02, 10:55 PM
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your right, this game kicks serious asss.

First off, for the ps2 version, there is no cheat codes of any kind, none for infinite life, health, etc, NOTHING

so its all skills in this game

Med Labs, umm is that the part where you sneak thru the vents and drop down and put on the lab coat, etc

been awile since i played

if it is, this requires stealth more than anything else. An excellent way to get by this part is when your walking and u see gaurds, put your head down and look at the floor, or at the ceiling or an opposite wall, and just walk by, most of the times they wont notice you at all.
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Old 09-20-02, 11:24 PM
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I've just got past that part.

I used all the stealth that I could after that didn't work I RAN LIKE HELL!!!

Oh yea save early and save often
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Old 09-21-02, 10:44 AM
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I also got around here and apparantley screwed myself. I did not bring some blood or organs to some doctor, so now Im stuck, and the organ is gone I havent played in months since Im not gonna start all over
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Old 09-23-02, 10:51 AM
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Well, that's not good news because if I try to revet back to last save BEFORE that bit it takes me back like 5 levels.

It's the part where you have to go in & run upstairs into this guys office & kill him & take his key. No matter what you do ( the look way method), they see you right away & blast the hell out of you.
And if you do get upstairs with any health left & get the key, they are waiting right outside thedoor for you ... there is no way out .

Unfortunatly I have not been playing it either because I can't get past this level.

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Old 09-23-02, 06:38 PM
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yep, thats where I think i got too. If memory serves, since I didnt sneak around and follow the doctors (since I lost the organ or blood), all the guards are onto me constantly. I actually managed to run in and get the key, but got wasted coming back out
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