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Slight problem w/XBOX?

Old 09-19-02, 11:25 PM
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Slight problem w/XBOX?

I love my XBOX and I have the 2yr warrenty. Has this ever happened to you? I have had my XBOX since December of last year.....I have had no problems.....but, once last month, I go to watch a DVD. The the BOX accepts the it is scanning, the BOX suddenly goes quiet...the green light around the open button is now RED! then a message appears that sez that basicaly the BOX is F#%ked and that I need to take it in for service!!!...I panic and press the big button! nothing happens? So I press the little button. The BOX powers down. I wait 10 the BIG button again and the drawer opens up with the DVD. I press the Big button again, the drawer closed and the DVD starts to play?.....WTF! That was the beggining of AUGUST......Yesterday, It happens again!......Should I worry? What do you guys reccomened?

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Old 09-19-02, 11:37 PM
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I had this happen a few times. I have a warantee and sent it to MS and they sent it back and said they saw no problems and fixed mothing. It has not happened again, but mine has also fu**ed up sound and has spit back dvds and asked me to plug in the remote dongle and frozen more than twice. I will probably ship it back to MS again and hope for another.
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Old 09-19-02, 11:46 PM
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There's something about where the Xbox was manufactured - Mexico or China or something - one of the places is bad and the other is good. It was discussed several months ago in another Xbox thread.
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Old 09-20-02, 07:21 AM
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My Xbox did the same thing as Zinc's and they sent it back to me saying there was nothing wrong with it. Mine screwed up with a game though and not a DVD.

Its done it again, but I just turn it off for awhile and it starts working again. I'm sure my Xbox will eventually die, but since MS couldn't find a problem I really don't know what to do.
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Old 09-21-02, 02:03 AM
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If you have the two year warranty from BB, EB, or wherever, just bring it in and get them to swap it out with a new one. From my experiences, and what I've heard on this forum from others, these places will usually not ask any questions whatsoever.

I know the EB one is unlimited exchanges for the two years, and I think the BB one is the same.
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Old 09-21-02, 08:32 AM
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A batch of consoles that had bad disc drives were assembled in Turkey. Look under your Xbox and see whether it was assembled in Turkey or Mexico.

I've had the same thing happen on mine and it gave a Code 21 error in multiple laguages. Mine was made in Mexico. Since mine was out of warranty MS agreed to replace the disc drive on it for $40. I'll make sure I get the 2 year extended warranty on mine when I pay for the repairs since they offered that to me. I feel stupid for not getting it when I first bought it.

Also if any of you have sent in your units for repair and they haven't fixed it. MS will take it back in for free and try to repair it again. If it's still doing the same thing, MS will replace your unit for free, but whether it's a refurb or new one, I don't know. That's what the CS supervisor told me when I raised hell about mine just getting the "021" error once a month and wondered how they were gonna fix it if they couldn't duplicate the problem.
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Old 09-21-02, 11:07 AM
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Thanks for the input.....

Since my warrenty is from Comp Useless ( they only replace it once) I am going to wait. I still have well over a year before it expires and I figure that whoever MS has making the boxes are getting better and better at it, so if I wait about a year, theory tells me that I "should" get a well built BOX.......should......
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