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peetah 08-18-02 05:05 PM

50% DreamCast @ MediaPlay B&M
Howdy folks

If any of you are lucky enough to have a MediaPlay near you (seems to be southern and mid-west mainly), but you might have luck at any of your SamGoody (or other friendly MusicLand store...other than BestBuy... )

hey are also running 50% off all Dreamcast games and accessories. Pickin's were slim at one of the Nashville stores I visited (less than 20 games, and a bunch of VMUs), and fair at the other (selection of about 60 games) Deals to be found include VMUs for $5, controllers for $8, some games (NFL 2k1, NBA 2k1, Baseball 2k1, Sega Smash Pack, Mr Driller) were $5

Sorry I didn't get to post this earlier today (Sunday, 8/18) just got back from church, but those on the left coast may still have a few hours to exploit this. MediaPlay (a MusicLand/BestBuy company) is offering triple replay points on all purchases today (100 points for each $1 normally, 10,000 points for $5 gift cert) which makes this combined with the above deals super spiffy bo-rad hot. spend $33 get $5 gift cert...

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