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ILikeDVD 08-17-02 05:39 PM

Sept XBOX Demo disc. Won't work....
I just bought the Sept issue of the Xbox magazine, that comes with demo disc #10. Anyways, my player wont run the disc, all i get is a message that says: YOUR XBOX CAN'T RECOGNIZE THIS DISC. mAKE SURE IT'S AN XBOX GAME, DVD MOVIE, OR AUDIO CD. ALSO CHECK TO SEE IF THE DISC IS DIRTY OR DAMAGED. REMOVE THE DISC TO CONTINUE.
I bought it last night at Wal-Mart. Will they take it back with a receipt? Any one else having problems like i am with this new demo disc? Thanks for any help.

Trigger 08-17-02 05:51 PM

Do a search - we discussed this already...


ILikeDVD 08-17-02 05:55 PM

You sound a little sarcastic there. Easy there Trigger.

Trigger 08-17-02 07:02 PM

No - I'm not sarcastic - I'm serious - next time, do a search before posting such a question. I helped you out this time by providing the link to the thread that we discussed this in already. You asked if anyone had problems with their OXM Disc and I provided you with an answer. I don't know what's so sarcastic about that. Do you know what sarcasm is?

ILikeDVD 08-17-02 07:15 PM

Originally posted by Trigger
I helped you out this time
Does that mean next time you wont?!?! Oh, Boo-hoo.-rolleyes-

Trigger 08-17-02 07:25 PM

Originally posted by ILikeDVD

Does that mean next time you wont?!?! Oh, Boo-hoo.-rolleyes-

Right - now that's sarcasm... see? You're getting the hang of it.

Maybe you should drop it... I'm sorry I even tried to help you at all.

GeoffK 08-17-02 07:35 PM

Guys - cut it out.

- It's an honest 'mistake' to post something that has already been posted. But trigger was well within his rights to point to a thread which had already been created for this topic.

I am closing this thread. Let's try not to 'read in tone' to people's posts and keep these kids of spats OFF FORUM!

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