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ClarkKentKY 08-15-02 12:24 AM

Video Game Gameshow Question
A few freinds and I were watching STARCADE on the G4 station, mostly just to laugh at the out-of-place 60 year old weatherman-host, and to laugh at all the contestants' clothes.

We're trying to remember the name of a gameshow based around video games around 1989-1990. It came on my local fox station around 3 or 4 in the afternoon, probably syndicated. It looked sorta out of date even at the time, so it might have been from 87-88. I want to say it had one of those overenthusiastic token teen hosts. The only part i can remember from the show was the end. The team that won got to run through this maze that almost looked like a really crappy video store, and they could grab games for genesis and nintendo, then slide down this ten foot slide, and they'd get to keep all the games they had in their arms. And if i remember right, there was like a Bonus game, like the game of the week, where if you grabbed it when running through the maze, you could win a NEO GEO system. :lol:

I know its nondescriptive but does anyone remember this gameshow? I'd love if there were a website out there dedicated to it. But i can't even remember its name.

Mattalos 08-15-02 12:54 AM

God, I remember that show! I always wanted to go through that "game store"!!

cartman 08-15-02 01:35 AM

I, too, remember it, but can't help you with the name, goldernit.

ClarkKentKY 08-15-02 01:56 AM

When i first started thinking about this show, i thought that the host was the same guy as the host of FUNHOUSE. But according to his IMDB profile, i'm wrong. I can't be wrong by very much though, i bet they look alot alike.

There was another show we were talking about too. The cheesey one on Nickelodeon. First you would answer questions, then get to choose from 10 arcade games. I remember they had sonic the hedgehog on there a couple times. Then the team that won got to go in a green-screen room, and BE in a video game. Where they would awkwardly throw there arms about, trying to hit bumble bees and jump over things. :lol:

EDIT: The name of that show, is Nick Arcade. But thats not important cause that show sucked. I want to know the name of the game maze show :)

ClarkKentKY 08-15-02 02:03 AM

Oh man, i can't stop laughing. I foudn out the name of the show. It was called VIDEO POWER. :lol:

There's a listing for it at IMDB, and this site has a realplayer audio clip of the show, with a hilarious theme song.


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