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SuprVgeta 08-14-02 03:21 PM

Gamespot scores are in: NFL 2k3 (X-Box) 9.1, NFL 2k3 (PS2) 9.6
Umm, did I miss something? How exactly can the PS2 version be better than the X-Box version??? (I own an X-Box and cube). It would seem that it's the same game with improved graphics on the X-Box. With the Hard drive, this just makes it even better for the X-Box. Just something I was wondering, because this shook me a little when I looked at the scores...

Armando 08-14-02 03:35 PM

Sorry to tell you this but GameSpot does this all the time.

The way they rate is like this:
How good could this game have been?

On PS2 a 9.6 means that the hardware is pretty much maxed out.

On Xbox a 9.1 means that the developers could have used more features that are not available for others systems.

Basically newer systems get the short end of the stick because developers haven't figured out how to exploit every single piece of hardware available.

SuprVgeta 08-14-02 03:43 PM

IGN scores:

PS2: 9.2
X-Box: 9.1

I can't yet look at the X-Box's complete review on IGN (stupid insider garbage...) But here is the comment they put at the end of the PS2's review:

"In the final analysis, NFL 2K3 is a great football game that inches ever closer to football simulation nirvana. The inclusion of several key features, especially this year's multi-faceted Franchise Mode, makes huge strides over last year's offering.
Invariably, there's going to be argument and consternation about the final score, which I'll tell you now is an 9.2. To be sure, there will be a rush to the IGN Boards to discuss and (in the case of some fans) lament this score. The main point of contention will be the fact that last year's version earned a 9.0 on PS2, and an 8.3 on Xbox. It did not make an appearance on the Cube in 2K2. In addition, you'll probably be asking yourself how this game stacks up to Madden this year. There is but one thing to say: different reviewers, different reviews. I haven't played this year's Madden, yet. As for the other scores, I personally would have placed 2K2 firmly in the 8.4 range, and last year's Madden slightly higher at 8.6. By those standards, 9.2 is not only a great achievement for SEGA and VC, but a pretty darn good score. End of discussion.

Franchise Mode. Online play. National user stat tracking. Challenging and realistic AI. There is so much going on in NFL 2K3 that it will keep you busy until the next one (which I expect to make similar improvements) arrives next summer. If you take your football seriously, you owe yourself this game. It's now the deepest football game on the market, and is poised to remain good for many years."

-- Chris Carle

Cornfed 08-17-02 07:15 PM

In response to Gamespot's scores: Both reviews are by Giancarlo Varanini. His reason in giving the higher score to PS2 is because its online play is ready to go now. He said that when XBOX Live comes out in November, the XBOX version will be the one to get hands down. This was discussed in Gamespot's recent Video Roundup of this year's football games.

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