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kurupt 08-13-02 12:06 PM

Any thoughts on Madden?
I picked up PS2 Madden today and have played a couple of games with my beloved Browns and am so far impressed. The control seems very lifelike with the momentum based physics and almost every part of the game that I have experienced so far seems to have improved on last year's effort in every way. I wanted to pick up 2k3 for the xbox as well but all of the store employees that I spoke to (Software Etc, Toys R Us, Kaybee) said that it was coming out tommorow. That seems odd by virtue of the fact that it was shipped yesterday just like Madden. Oh well, I'll be busy today with madden anyway. I look forward to seeing you all online at the end of the month (and on XBL in Nov. with 2k3)!

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