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Enclave- Any personal reviews out there?

Old 07-31-02, 12:51 PM
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Enclave- Any personal reviews out there?

I have been waiting for Enclave and am a little disappointed to see all the mediocre reviews. I was hoping that this game would tide me over until the Fall. If anyone has played "Blade of Darkness for the PC/PS2" then this is all I hope Enclave will be but just prettier. One review equated to "rune" which is the same gameplay but lesser graphics than "Blade". I am not looking for some new genre. Just a quick fix hack-n-slash. I am wondering if the gamesite and mag reviewers are rated it low because it is not anything new. Anyway I guess I should rent it but I was hoping to get some opinions.

I am pretty picky because my time is limited and my attention span is lacking. So far only HALO has kept my interest in the system. I have picked up some clearance games like Fuzion Frenzy and SSX Tricky which are decent.
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Old 07-31-02, 01:55 PM
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I got but won't get a chance to play until tonight
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Old 07-31-02, 04:12 PM
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Hunters: The Reckoning is a good hack and slash game that harkens back to Gauntlet. If you liked Gauntlet style stuff, this might be a good choice. I'd suggest getting a games freedom pass from Blockbuster and renting a bunch of games if you haven't already.
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Old 08-01-02, 03:19 AM
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The consensus among most people who have played it is that Enclave is mediocre.
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Old 08-01-02, 03:50 AM
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Here's a review from someone who isn't a professional game critic.
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Old 08-01-02, 05:47 AM
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I played 3 stages last night. I think it is a great game. The fighting isn't bad. It handles just like Draconus for the DC. I think it is a great game. The graphics are awesome. The first stage sounded awesome on the 5.1. Felt like my house was under attack. I would say rent if first but I think it is a great game. I heard alot of complaints that you can't save in the middle of the stage. I have been playing games since the atari. I can't remember that many that let you save in the middle of the level. It just takes some skill. Gamers are so lazy these days. If they can't beat the game in a week it's to hard.
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Old 08-01-02, 10:56 PM
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Well I used to walk to school in the snow...... I played atari games and even pong but that doesn't justify this game not having mid level saves. Seroiusly though I have not played it far enough to get killed in the middle of a level unless i was messing around and wasn't paying attention. But for me I can only get certain periods of time in one sitting that I can play games so if I was playing for an hour and had to redo several times in the game that will be frustrating. So, its not really a matter of being lazy its a matter of how much time I have to play this game. With that said I think Enclave is a very good game just short of great and I am not sure what that missing piece is. Maybe the controls because they don't seem as fluid as Halo was. That may just take some time to get used to though. I would give it a solid 8/10 but that is only with about 2 hours of playing.
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Old 08-02-02, 08:01 AM
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I heard a lot of complaints about the AI in this game and how all the guys just charge you. Well, if your fighting with an Axe it won't do you much good being 20 ft away. I think it's good if not you would be able just to shoot every guy with the crossbow from a distance. ONce again Great game.
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Old 08-02-02, 08:21 AM
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I bought it yesterday and played for a while last night. I think I'm going to return it. I haven't even gotten to the frustration of not being able to save yet and I'm not too thrilled.

There's something weird about the graphics. In 3rd person mode, when I swing the camera around, it seems like the framerate gets pretty choppy. Probably more annoying is that it feels like I'm playing a game through a fish-eye lens. The 3D just doesn't seem 3D.

So far, it's not bad, but it's not great. The biggest thing for me: I had NO trouble turning it off last night. It didn't have that 'ooooh, just one more level' appeal.

I'll play it more this weekend. Maybe it will grow on me. I'm only at the deserted temple level, so it could get better.

I kind of wish I had at least waited on the Xbox. Other than Halo, nothing I've played is that great. I bought Hunter, but it's on the edge of being a 'wish I had just rented it' title.
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Old 08-02-02, 09:19 AM
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Grommit - I agree it is no HALO and I too was able too put it down last night. But that is usually the case for many games I play. Once I get used to the control scheme and learn a little I can have a better handle on whether the game is any good. I tried that with spiderman but I never got into it. Anyway, all it wanted was Blade of Darkness for the XBOX which is what this is. I have been desperately looking for an XBOX game that would hold my attention. Having HALO first really made everything else seem mediocre. I would play it this weekend and get further along and then decide. I will keep mine because I like the game theme and the sound and widescreen format suits my modest home theater well.
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Old 08-02-02, 01:04 PM
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I think this game is great, really. If any of you play it, don't get discouraged earlier in the game as you'll start off with short,weak weapons. Once you have the option of upgrading your melee weapons and projectiles you'll be in business. Right now i have 4 classes to choose from, knight, druid, halfling, and huntress. Each character plays differently, and will play a big part in how easily you finish a particular stage. Playing a level with different characters is damn fun, as the enemy will also fight you accordingly. If your knight has a badass sword, the enemies (especially weaker ones) will be more reluctant to engage in battle. Once you pull out your bowgun they'll rush you.
With the right character the game can be played like a FPS complete with sniper arrows and all.
Had there been a lock-on feature, and more frequent save points, this game would easily be a 9.5 in my book.
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