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alexkat 07-30-02 10:31 AM

Is anyone playing Super Mario Sunshine?
I wasn't planning on getting this game as an import, but I recently got my cube modded. I stopped by my local store and they had a copy of SMS. Since I wanted to try out my new modded cube I bought the game. Let me tell you, I sucked at mario games on the NES and SNES, so I absolutely hated mario games until the N64 when I played Mario Party, Mario Kart and Mario Tennis these were all fun. Well I'd just like to say I've spent two days with this game about 10 hours total, and it's really fun. I've got 17 shines, only completed one area Blanco Hills. But there is an amazing amount of things to do. I spend a lot of time just wondering around Dolphic Island. I don't understand Japanese(although my dad is japanese) so I have a hard time communicating with the islanders. But there are some things that can be figured out.

There are blue coins that are around the stages 10 blue coins can be exchanged for a shine. Some female villagers have baskets and you have to put 3 fruits in a basket. I just guess what fruit to put in. They will give you a blue coin once you've done that. There are also Green pipes in the town area that can be entered a la NES mario games. These lead to a special stage to get a shine.

Overall I've barely scratched the surface of the game although I've found out who's behind the mystery Mario, at least I think so.
Is anyone else playing? If so how far are you? I'm stuck at Ricco Harbor Story 2, I can't get a fast enough time.

alexkat 08-05-02 11:23 AM

I just wanted to update my game playing experience. I'm at 60+ shines now. I've done almost all of the areas only one left (Mare Bay) If you've never played a Mario game before(like Mario 64, or a Mario bros game) this game will at first be somewhat difficult, but it never gets any harder. Lots of secrets and hidden items.

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