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BJacks 07-30-02 12:28 AM

What is the name of this Playstation 2 game?
Does anyone know the name of the Playstation 2 RPG videogame where at the end it has the characters sitting around playing dungeons and dragons? It's quite funny.

Thanks in advance.


blakwngbrd 07-30-02 12:35 AM

I think you're probably thinking of Summoner. They had a teaser trailer for it long before it was released that showed characters from a variety of THQ games sitting around playing D&D.

"Are there girls there????" :)

outer-edge 07-30-02 12:54 AM

"I cast... Magic Missile."

I think he's right, I can not think of any PS2 title where that occurs except the teaser. The teaser is actually based on a radio skit and either are very worth the time to download. :)

BJacks 07-30-02 02:15 AM

That's it, thanks! Glad you were able to figure out what I was talking about from my distorted memory. I found the teaser on Kazaa and am downloading it now.


cartman 07-30-02 12:10 PM

"AM I IN THE ROOM?!" :lol:.

El Gray 07-30-02 10:48 PM


Skit originally done by the Dead Alewives. They have a website.

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