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Old 06-26-02, 07:45 PM   #1
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Sky Gunner is out

Anyone pick this up yet? Just came out.

SkyGunner follows the story of 3 ace pilots, Ciel, Copain and Femme, who are hired to protect the "Eternal Engine", an engine capable of perpetual motion. Little do they know, the criminal genius, Ventre, is planning to use the town's celebration aboard the luxury airship, Merveilleux, as an opportunity to steal the Eternal Engine for his own evil ends…

Unlike other aerial combat games, SkyGunner has a camera that follows the action. Both your fighter and enemy fighters will automatically appear on-screen. There is no searching for enemies. Simply press the triangle button to instantly find them!

Love the artwork!

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Old 06-26-02, 10:34 PM   #2
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it looks great to me! i, too, really like the artwork. got some good ratings in a magazine too. can have either japanese w/ subtitles or english dialog.

only complaint was some slowdown at heavy fight scenes.
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Old 06-27-02, 01:26 AM   #3
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Yeah, this artwork is really cute! In the newest EGM they gave the game pretty good reviews, I don't have it near me but I remember it being 8.5's I think. I can go check if you want. I've been waiting for a good shooter to come along, it looks like this is it!
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Old 06-27-02, 02:29 AM   #4
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*shameless plug* Here is my review of the game, which now that I look at it needs a bit more added to it. Oh well, I'm lazy */shameless plug*

I really enjoyed SkyGunner and think everyone that has the chance to purchase it should do so.
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Old 06-27-02, 02:16 PM   #5
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hmmm looks like I'll be purchasing this game.
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