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zooroaster 06-17-02 04:02 AM

Which One?
I hope no one gets mad at me for posing this question as I am sure it has been asked before and certainly debated upon:

I don't know which console to buy??? I was thinking PS2 just because of Metal Gear Solid. I have seen and played a snipet of that game and absolutely love it. I always had nintendo systems but felt that they where way too kiddie until I saw that it had Residental Evil which looks amazing and I have seen that new preview for that cool looking horror game, Requiem something?

Is Gamecube going to continue to have more adult themed games?

Thanks a bunch.

SiberianLlama 06-17-02 04:07 AM

Just to quickly summarize the main points for each system:

Gamecube: Great 1st party games like Mario Sunshine, Metroid, and Zelda. Gets decent selection of 3rd party games.

Playstation 2: Huge selection of 3rd party games and a growing selection of decent 1st party games. Usually gets multi-console games first. Huge selection of rpg's coming out this fall/next year. Can play DVD movies.

X-Box: Graphically superior console. Not many first party games. Good selection of 3rd party games after they've been released for PS2. Comes with built in hard-drive.

Just my opinion, get a PS2 if you want a game right when it comes out and you like rpg's.

Also get a Gamecube if you really want the Nintendo exclusive games

Get an X-Box if you want the most graphically impressive games out there and don't mind waiting for them.

darkside 06-17-02 08:18 AM

Find a list of all the currenty available games and the games coming out for the rest of the year. See which consoles has the most games you like or will probably want to play. Buy that console.

Its easy really and there is no need to debate which one is better. It depends on you and the games you like. If more than one console has games you really want to play then get one now and maybe a second console a few months from now.

Good Luck

the aftermath 06-17-02 09:50 AM

Buy an XBox because I say so :)

Kellehair 06-17-02 10:22 AM

I always had nintendo systems but felt that they where way too kiddie
If you don't want to play Mario and Zelda, don't buy a Gamecube. Instead, go see a doctor. That being said, Nintendo does have a lot of mature games on the way like Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem, Metroid Prime, and a bunch of Resident Evil games including the exclusive RE0. Plus the Cube gets more 3rd party support everyday so expect to see a lot of the "cool" games everyone loves on the Cube.

Static Cling 06-17-02 10:24 AM

*beats head against keyboard*

Please perform a search, as this topic has been discussed many times. Thanks! :)

Closing thread.

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