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jhiter24 04-27-02 12:21 AM

Best Soccer game for any system?
I am looking into picking up a soccer game for one of the systems I have (I've got them all) so I was wanting some advice. I really want one with Franchise if that is plausible. I was looking at the GC Fifa right now cause it looks like it is only $29.99 at EB. Thanks for help

Josh H 04-27-02 09:40 AM

I believe there is a new Fifa out for the GCN, which is why the other Fifa is $29.99 or less everywhere.

My personal all-time favorite soccer game was International Super Star Soccer 64 by Konami on the N64. Simply great. I believe a sequel is in the works for the GCN, but I don't know when it's coming.

Darknight 04-27-02 10:10 AM

Get Winning Eleven 6 from Konami on PS2.

Exzavier00 04-30-02 09:52 AM

World Cup Soccer for 8-bit Nintendo.
You can do bicycles and super moves
its awesome.

Struz 04-30-02 02:08 PM

Sega Super Slam Soccer.
Best game period.

Drive-In Nut 04-30-02 03:14 PM

FIFA/MLS 2002 is 19.99 at Best Buy.

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