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I need a sports game primer for XBox/PS2

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I need a sports game primer for XBox/PS2

I have a PS1, and (outside of the MOH series) only play sports games. In the next month or so I'll get either XBox or PS2. I've been doing a lot of research on the pros/cons of PS2 and the XBox, but haven't really narrowed anything down. Here's what I like:

- Golf...I saw that Outlaw Golf is coming out. Will Tiger Woods ever come around to the XBox?

- Football...I'm a Madden Boy, any other recommendations would be appreciated.

- Baseball...all I know is EA's Triple Play.

- Hockey...EA's Face Off

In a perfect world, I'd get both XBox and PS2, but right now I should only go with one. Point me in the right direction, please!
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My opinion for the sports buffs is go with the Xbox. Here's why:

-Unlimited Saves: You will never buy a memory card again.

-Internet: The Xbox has Internet ability built into it. Next year's games will take advantage of this.

-Best 1st Party Sports Games Developer: Microsoft's in-house team vs 989: hand's down Microsoft with possibly the best basketball game of the year and one of the better football titles of the year. Otherwise you'll see the same games on the PS2 as the Xbox, with the Xbox versions being improved slightly.

-If Tiger Woods is developed by EA, I suspect you will find it on the Xbox at some point.
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Xbox for the same reasons. I will just eleborate on GP's points.

1. That 8mb on a Ps2 memory card runs out fast when you start saving your Madden season and your created players. Plus it's an extra $34.99. I prefer my 8 gig on the hard drive.

2. The broadband online factor is totally made for sports games. Take a look at this 4 minute promotional video clip about online play. It's corny as hell, but it gets the point across:

Also, you have to think about the online setup for sports games. We are talking about online tournaments that possibly last all through a regular season.

3. Golf: I'm sure we will also see Tiger sometime. Also, remember this is MS. A PC port of Links could come very easily.

Football: Madden will surely be there. NFL Fever was almost on par with Madden this year and next year it will be a force to be reckoned with especially supporting online play. NFL2K2 is also great.

Baseball: Triple play is there along with All Star Baseball and WS2K2 from Sega. Microsoft has yet to announce their candidate for baseball.

Hockey: NHL series from EA of course along with Hitz for now. I would expect to see a hockey game also being developed by Microsoft.

Other sports that are turning out nicely are basketball (4 games), boxing (4 games), and all the extreme sporting games. Check out my release date thread for updates on what sporting games the XBox will be getting over the next year.
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