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Question about Nintendo's game pricing policy

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Question about Nintendo's game pricing policy

Does Nintendo ever drop prices on their A-title games like Super Smash Bros. Melee within a year or 2? So by this Christmas, could we see Rogue Leader and Super Smash Bros. selling for $35 or less? Or do they basically keep the price high on those for the length of the console?

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It's certainly possible. With the N64 they had the "Million Seller's" line-up. Games that sold 1 million or more copies got the million seller logo slapped on them and sold for $39.99 around a year or so after the original release. I gues sit was their answer to sony's "Greatest Hits" line-up.

However, unless sony starts something like this with the PS2 games, or MS with the X-box games, they'd really have no incentive too. Nintendo's never been one to do something first. They usually react to moves by the other companies. For example if the PS2 or X-box have a price drop to $249 or especially to $199 I bet we'll see the GCN drop to $149, but I see no chance of a price drop until one of the other companies makes the first movie. I expect it will be the same in regards to a lower priced greatest hits type of line-up.
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I'm refraining from buying any additional software at the $45-$50 range for GC. It's just too much for somethig I may not like. Pikmin was a great game, but it was just too damn short to be $50 and change. If they got those games to around $30-35... yeah that seems about right- I'm sure that would increase sales alot- after all the cube looks as though it's getting PS2 ports abou the same time the PS2 versions reach that price anyways. Nintendo is missing out by not getting their games at a relatively low cost as their system is set.

Think of how the new Mario gaem for GBA is going to sell when you can get a Street price of 22.99!!!! Damn I may just buy 2.
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I guarantee Nintendo will do the Greatest Hits thing with stuff like Luigi, Smash Bros, ect and I will bet they will sell for $39.95 or less. Its just too soon for anything like that now.
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yeah, i'm quite sure that nintendo will do the price reducing thing. Disks are a lot more profitable than cartridges, so i'm sure we'll see a greatest hit line up or something in about a year or so when the really good stuff starts to come out. It's sad, there is NOTHING out right now that makes me go "oooo i want a gc". I'm really excited about soul calibur 2 though, but that's a ways off.

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Originally posted by darkside
I guarantee Nintendo will do the Greatest Hits thing with stuff like Luigi, Smash Bros, ect and I will bet they will sell for $39.95 or less. Its just too soon for anything like that now.
Hopefully they'll be $19.99 like they were on PlayStation, SNES, NES, and others. The $39.99 Greatest Hits on N64 was never really that great of a deal.
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I think it will be a long time before you see $20 titles for any of the current systems.
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