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bulletproof 01-07-02 05:40 PM

Diablo vs. Icewind Dale
Are these two games similar? I've played the first Diablo and the demo of Diablo II and enjoyed both. I also have heard that Icewind Dale focuses more on the fighting aspects-making it more of a hack and slash game. If I like Diablo would I like Icewind Dale (and the two expansions)? I am trying to play Baldur's Gate, but I get so annoyed because I seem to continuosly get destroyed by just about everything (even charming a wolf I lost 3 of 10 hp before the spell worked), and there aren't potions I can carry to heal myself.

Does anyone have any comments about Diablo vs Icewind Dale and their similarity or dissimilarity? What am I doing wrong in BG?

Naan 01-07-02 05:48 PM

I thought Icewind Dale was more hack and slash than Baldur's Gate, but I would hesitate to call it similar to Diablo or Diablo II.

Icewind is still very much an RPG.


Trout 01-07-02 06:22 PM

Icewind Dale is an RPG, Diablo II is more of a click fest. Both games are fun to play, but for very different reasons. IWD has a lot of combat in it, but it still involves a lot of strategy to survive.

Speaker 01-07-02 06:39 PM

in diablo and diablo 2 you pick a character and go fight monsters.
icewind dale is a little harder to play, you play a group of people that are different. icewind dale takes a lot more strategy to play along with a lot of pausing, tell the people in your group what to do, then continue. they are both fun to play, but different games.

bulletproof 01-07-02 06:53 PM

Thanks for all the replies- this helps a lot. Now I know I just need some SERIOUS work on my skills as an RPG'er.-rolleyes-

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