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Sega Dreamcast Net - can someone give me a walkthrough???

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Sega Dreamcast Net - can someone give me a walkthrough???

Old 09-13-01, 05:50 AM
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Sega Dreamcast Net - can someone give me a walkthrough???

I have had the hardest time getting my Dreamcast to use it's online capabilities.

I've tried going through the procedures while no game is in the system, which gave me a message along the lines of "invalid Dreamcast ID", suggesting, I suppose, that my Dreamcast was not registered? Do you have to send in the registration card to get your Dreamcast online?

I've also tried getting onto the net using the links provided in some games (NFL2k1, etc.). These links proved to be dead ends, even though they claim to give you the ability to sign up then.

Now, I have played a few "backup" games on my system (though when I tried getting onto the net, I used the real things.) Does using a burned disc once render your Dreamcast useless on the net?

By the way, if I ever do figure out how to get on, anyone looking for a 3AM NFL2k1 buddyl, LMK.

- Mike
Old 09-13-01, 09:03 AM
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What ISP are you trying to use with the DC, using "backups" won't hurt your system. I've used backups for NFL2K1, to enter info and even played online with it. So that shouldn't be a problem. I'm assuming your in the US.
Old 09-15-01, 02:58 AM
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Well, I tried using a friend's Earthlink account, and that wouldn't work.
I then tried subscribing to the Sega service, but that got me nowhere.
I think I've been spoiled by AOL for too many years, I'm pretty naieve about other ISPs, etc.
Yeah, I'm in the US.
I'm going to keep trying and hoping that one day it'll just work.

Do you think I'd have a problem with any of those free ISPs in logging onto the Seganet?

- Mike
Old 09-16-01, 08:40 AM
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Taken from www.gamefaqs.com

Dreamcast Internet Troubleshooting Guide v1.4
Last updated 01/05/2000
Copyright (C) 1999-2000 Jeff Bogumil
[email protected] I work for an ISP, and have a few suggestions that may help anyone
having connection difficulties. WHAT'S NEW
Nothing really, but I haven't posted in a while. :-) I've had
reports that freei.net is compatible with the Dreamcast, although
the official word from their tech support is "No". If anyone
knows how to set up a Dreamcast for freei.net access, please let
me know and I'll add the information ASAP.
---------- I will not provide technical support. If you require technical
support for your connection, please contact your on-line service
provider. You must contact me if you wish to distribute or host this document.
Not that I'll say no. :-) Disclaimer: I cannot be held responsible for false or mistaken
information. The latest version of this guide can be found at www.gamefaqs.com This guide applies to the U.S. released Dreamcast system. Mileage in
other parts of the world may vary. I'd like to complile a list of ISPs which work, or do not work
with the Dreamcast. Send your comments and experiences to the e-mail
address above. Please include the following: Name of ISP
ISP home page
Area coverage of ISP (national, state-regional, county, city, etc.)
Contact info (phone number, etc) ON-LINE SERVICES COMPATIBILITY LIST
----------------------------------- These notes are based on the OFFICIAL responses from the on-line service's
e-mail tech support: America On-line (AOL): Not compatible
Freei.Net: Not compatible
EarthLink: Compatible
Microsoft Network (MSN): Compatible (except for e-mail). See below: -- quote -- Hello Jeff, Thank you for posting to Ask msn Member Support. I appreciate the opportunity
to assist you. For connecting to Non-Windows9x applications like NT, MAC or Sega Dreamcast
you will need to set it up as follows: A. You will need to use your user name as MSN/username
B. The password will be the same.
C. You will need MSN's DNS numbers. They are and
D. The Dreamcast system will not be able to check your MSN mail. No further support will be available as these issues are not directly
related to MSN. In order to ensure a quick response to future concerns please continue to
utilize the on-line forms at the address provided below. http://memberservices.msn.com/ We hope you are enjoying The Microsoft Network, and we look forward to meeting
all your service needs. Thanks,
Jason E.
msn Member Support --- end quote --- ----- DREAMCAST INTERNET INFO Your on-line service needs to offer the following in order to work with your
Dreamcast Internet software: 1. PPP (Point to Point Protocol)
2. PAP (Password Authentication Protocol) And will need to offer the following if you want the fastest modem
connection speed possible (i.e. 56K): 1. Digital dialup site
2. v.90 56K protocol support (from what I understand, the Dreamcast modem is
not compatible with the X2 or KFlex 56K protocols). Without v.90 protocol support, you'll connect at a maximum speed of 33.6K
(or whatever maximum speed is supported by your ISP). Without a digital
dialup, your ISP can't offer 56K. Dreamcast requires your ISP to offer PPP (Point to Point Protocol) and PAP
(Password Authentication Protocol) with the ISP dialup site. (Most "black
box" Internet devices, like the Sega Saturn Net Link and WebTV, require
PPP/PAP). If PPP and PAP are not available, you're SOL. The only way to fix
this problem is to either convince your ISP to upgrade their site with
PAP/PPP (better chance of seeing a Sonic sequel on Saturn), convince Sega to
offer Dreamcast Internet software which supports either terminal-based
manual verification or scripted verification ((better chance of seeing a
Sonic sequel on the Master System) and this would only help with the PAP
problem anyways)), or (the easiest fix) switch to another ISP. The good
news -- a true, modern-day ISP will be running PPP and PAP (unless you live
somewhere which redefines "rural"). So what are "true" ISPs? They're NOT AOL, Compuserve, Prodigy, or any
other on-line service which offers Internet access via a gateway. If it's
free, it's most likely not a true ISP either. Most true ISPs are not the
big-wigs of on-line services (AT&T, Earthlink and Mindspring are probably
the three largest true guys that come to mind - soon to be two), so if you
need to go ISP shopping, you might have to shop locally a bit. Connection Problems
------------------------------ If you're not sure, check with your ISP to see if PPP and PAP are offered.
If not both, you've found your problem, and it's time to go ISP shopping. If PPP and PAP are available, first things first: to help troubleshoot,
access your Dreamcast settings, select Display Settings, and turn on Show
Verbose Modem Messages. This will allow you to see the init strings fed to
the modem, and your dialup number, when you connect. Most of what you see
won't make sense, but any ISP tech will find it useful (if nothing else, to
rule out a few things). Try some general troubleshooting -- is your phone line plugged into the
modem, is it clean (no line noise or interference)? If you have a PC, can
you connect with it? It you have a DC keyboard, is the caps lock on? :-) Get
the obvious outta the way, and rule out as much as possible before calling
the ISP - otherwise, they'll have you off the phone checking everything
anyhow (assuming you have only one phone line). Check the following: The username and password are almost always case sensitive with any ISP. If
they ain't right, you ain't going to get in. Check the dialup number. Make sure it's correct. Watch the verbose messages;
the number will be in the ATDT string (ATDTxxxxxxx). Do you have voice mail with your phone company? If so, turn on Blind Dial in
your Dreamcast settings, or check and remove your voicemail before attempting
to go on-line. Disconnect all other phone devices except the Dreamcast. Phones, answering
machines, pay-per-view boxes; everything. If this fixes the problem, it
could be a load number issue (too many phone devices), or one of your phone
devices is causing interference. Make sure the phone line from the Dreamcast is running STRAIGHT to your
phone wall jack. Remove any line splitters, surge protectors, even line
filters, so that the line from the modem to wall jack is direct. If this
fixes the problem, one of your inbetweeners is at fault. (A surge protector
is a great idea, but you'd be surprised how often these things can cause
connection problems -- read the fine print included with your surge
protection for the details.) Replace the phone cord that connects your modem to the wall jack. If this
fixes the problem, the phone cord was at fault. Could be problems with modem-speak. The Dreamcast may be speaking French,
and your ISP Italian, for lack of a better comparison. It's tough to go into
detail, because your ISP may use equipment different than what mine does.
Solution -- the Dreamcast doesn't give you any options to modify your modem
configuration, so little can be done with your DC, and I doubt your ISP is
going to overhaul or modify their equipment for one or two Dreamcast
connects. Best bet is to give the info from the verbose messaging and hope
your ISP tech can help. Still having problems; it's time to contact your ISP tech support. Check
their on-line tech support (if you've got other means to access the 'net),
and if that doesn't help, give 'em a call. Have all of your information
available (what you've checked, what you've done, what a Dreamcast is (if
nothing else, describe it as a WebTV which plays games), and have a good
attitude. :-) Don't call and tell them "I can't connect" and expect them to
fix it -- the more info you can provide, the better. If they make
suggestions that don't help, ask that you would like their dialup logs
checked to see what the problem might be. If the tech is worth anything, and
especially if the dialup site is digital, he should be able to tell you if
the logs show a username/password issue, line issue, etc. The trick is to
get this guy/gal/thing (and trust me, we are "things" after enough coffee)
to point you in the right direction as to what needs done. If it looks like
a modem issue, ask what type of equipment they have at their dialup site,
what code revision they have running, then start checking with other ISPs
and see if they have anything different. (Word has it that the Dreamcast
modem uses a Rockwell chip set; if this is actually the case, it'd be wise
to find an ISP using Rockwell based equipment on their end). For that
matter, if you go ISP shopping, simply ask if they support the Sega
Dreamcast. Most can give you a Yes or No, 'cause they've been dealing with
calls like this over the past couple of weeks. (Be careful of a "No" -- it's
the default answer if the tech in question has no idea what you're talking
about). If necessary, ask for another tech that has a clue as to what a
Dreamcast is (ask NICELY). If you get a fellow diehard video gamer on the
line who is also an ISP tech, things will get done, trust me. :-) I can't receive e-mail
Doublecheck your e-mail settings, in particular the Email login, Email
password and Incoming Mail Server. I can't send e-mail
Doublecheck your e-mail settings, in particular the Email address and
Outgoing Mail Server. (Some ISPs won't let you use their Outgoing mail
server unless your e-mail address is the one they've given you, and/or
you're connected directly to the on-line service, and not another
provider.) I can connect, but the web browser and e-mail doesn't work.
Doublecheck your DNS settings. I keep getting disconnected
Did you disable call waiting, if you have it? If not, access your Dreamcast
settings and add your call waiting disable code (consult your phone book or
phone company if you don't know your disable code). Add a comma (,) after
the code (for example, *70,) Did you unplug the phone cord? Did someone pick up the phone? Obvious, but
check 'em anyhow. :-) Could be line issues or modem communication issues (like a french modem
trying to speak with another french modem that just happens to have a thick
Italian accent). Refer to the "Connection Problems" section above to
troubleshoot. Could be your ISP's idle timeout or time limit disconnect
(some have 'em, whether they promise "unlimited access" or not). Your ISP's
dialup logs may provide details as to why you were disconnected. Call your
ISP with your username, dates, and approximate times of your disconnects. How do I reset my Web Browser software?
--------------------------------------- To reset your Web Browser software (which will wipe all settings and allow
you to access the Registration screen): 1. Insert the Web Browser GD-ROM.
2. Plug a Dreamcast controller into Port B.
3. Press and hold the X & B buttons.
4. Turn on the Dreamcast.
5. Hold the buttons until the Registration window appears. But the Dreamcast manual says I need an analog connection, not
digital. Why do you say I need digital?
--------------------------------------------------------------- Point. :-) The Dreamcast is referring to your phone service, and
unless you have ISDN, DLS, a T1, or something similar dropped into your house,
you have an analog phone line. My FAQ, when referring to analog vs digital,
is referring to the type of lines on the ISP's side. Visual aid: You & your Dreamcast modem |
| (Your phone line - analog)
| Phone switch |
| (Your ISP's phone line -
| it might be analog, but
| digital is best (and required
| for 56K)) Your ISP's modem My Dreamcast says it's connecting at 115200!?!
It isn't connecting at 115200. What you see there is the DTE rate,
which is the speed your modem is communicating with your Dreamcast.
It would have been nice if the modem would report your DCE rate
instead (your modem/modem speed), but since there's no known way
of feeding an init string to the Dreamcast modem (at least, no way
that I'm aware of), there's no way to judge your actual connect rate. If I check my e-mail with my Dreamcast, will it still be there if I check it
with my computer?
Unlike most computer-based e-mail programs, the Dreamcast does not remove
your e-mail from your ISP's server when you check it (aka POP; Post Office
Protocol). Instead, it displays your e-mail as you request it, but it
leaves everything on your ISP's server (aka IMAP; Internet Message Access
Protocol). The e-mail will be left on the server unless you delete the
e-mail with your Dreamcast. While the Dreamcast configuration requests a POP3 Incoming Mail server, it's
operating as IMAP, which should be supported by your ISP. ------------ Final notes: FYI, my ISP offers both digital PAP and analog non-PAP sites. Our digital
sites are powered by Ascend Max 4000 series equipment (Rockwell based),
running code revision 7.0+ (with clean v.90 code). DCs haven't been a
problem with our digital dialups. Bad weather? Thunderstorms? Unplug the phone line from your Dreamcast. You'd
be surprised how easily a modem can fry. :-)
I hope this helps. Back to Sonic Adventure, Jeff
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No, you shouldn't have any problem using the free isp's. I use juno, and I suggest you got to www.dreamcastfun.com for a list of available free isps to use on your dreamcast. They also have faq's on how to set up each individual isp and forums to ask questions. It's a very helpful place.
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Wepaman :

GOd damn.....that's like a 7-10page post there :P next time trim it down or just point the person tot he website.

Old 09-17-01, 09:35 AM
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Originally posted by Mike

I think I've been spoiled by AOL for too many years, I'm pretty naieve about other ISPs, etc.

Hmm....you know what they say about AOLers >_

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