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Abob Teff 11-21-20 06:15 PM

Wtb: Ps4
First time in here in 20 years ... hope I'm not violating anything ...

Long time member here and a non-gamer, so I don't need anything decked out. Just an old guy wanting to play Last of Us and Spider-Man without spending a fortune to support GameStop. Hoping I can catch somebody with sympathy before they trade theirs in for credit. I used to be an XBox guy (360 was my last system and my son took off with it -- now he buys his own stuff!).

Dan 11-21-20 06:21 PM

Re: Wtb: Ps4
^ I have a PS4 Pro if you're interested. DM me with the price you were hoping to pay. :)

edit: only problem is the controller won't charge. it works! but it doesn't charge... so I keep it plugged in.

T-bone22 06-07-21 04:00 PM

Re: Wtb: Ps4
I have a regular PS4 that I don't need anymore. I am still using the controller on my PC though. If you still need one you can DM me.

Kurt D 06-07-21 04:11 PM

Re: Wtb: Ps4
I literally just ordered a PS4 Pro, refurbished, from the Sony site two days ago. It will be the first video game console I have purchased ever, and the first I have owned since my mother bought me an Atari in 1980!

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