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SteveOVig 12-23-07 02:04 PM

FS/FT-Sealed Etrian Odysey and Lodoss War, Cheap games
Everything is complete unless noted, shipping will be worked out based on how much you purchase, I won't overcharge though. Whatever it costs is what you will be charged. Wants are at the bottom. I will consider trades in a heartbeat over Paypal.

Video Games
Donkey Kong Jr.-cart only-$6
Kirby Super Star-cart only-$13

SS-Steep Slope Sliders-$10
SS-Darius Gaiden-$6

DC-Alienfront Online-with box-$4
DC-Atari Anniversary Edition-$3
DC-Bomberman Online-$8
DC-Bust A Move 4-disc only-$4
DC-Mat Hoffman’s Pro BMX-$3
DC-Unreal Tournament-$5
DC-Maximum Pool-$2
DC-Mortal Combat Gold-$7
DC-NCAA: 2K2 Football-$1
DC-Pod Speed Zone-$2
DC-Razor Freestyle Scooter-$2
DC-Sega Smash Pack-$7
DC-Space Channel 5-$4
DC-Record of Lodoss War-Sealed-$35
DC-Speed Devils Online Racing-$3
DC-Super Magnetic Neo-$3
DC-Ultimate Fighting Championship-$2

Playstation 1
PS-Civilization II-disc only-$13
PS-The Italian Job-$2
PS-Star Wars: Jedi Power Battles-disc only-$3
PS-Strider 1-disc only-$5
PS-Tenchu: Greatest Hits-$2
PSX-Metal Slug X-$8
PSX-Activision Classics--$2

Playstation 2
PS2-GTA: San Andreas (SE Box, Second Edition disc)-$5

XB-Outlaw Tennis-$3
XB-WWF Raw-$3

Game Boy platforms
GBA-Mad Catz White Magnifier/Light-$1
GB-Yoshi-cart only-$4

Turbo Grafx 16
TG16-Kieth Courage-card only-$1

Nintendo DS
DS-Etrian Odysey-Sealed-$40


Sega Saturn
Clockwork Knight 1 and/or 2
Any lightfun shooter besides Virtua Cop 1 and 2, and House of the Dead

Strikers 1945 I JAP import
Parodius Collection
Twinbee Collection
Salamander Collection
Gradius Collection
Breakout (doesn't have to be complete, just working and in decent shape)
Arkanoid Returns
Elemental Gearbolt
Motortoon Grandprix 1 and/or 2
Namco Museums 2, 4, 5, Encore
Porsche Challenge
Point Blank 1, 2
Rage Racer
Ridge Racer Revolution
Any Raiden game
Tetris Plus
Torneko US version, it has to be working perfectly but not complete neccesarily
Tempest X3

Playstation 2
Any version of All Star Pro Wrestling
Any version of King of Coluseum
Block Kuzushi

Any Breakout clone, import or otherwise

ROH wrestling DVDs

Besides the above, I like 2D platformers and shooters. I also like Arcade ports. I have most major gaming consoles including JAP PSX and PS2. I'd love to hear any offers. Thanks.

clappj 12-24-07 12:22 PM

How much for Bomberman (DS) shipped to NC?

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