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Crazee4DVDs 12-13-07 07:31 AM

Looking for Rock Band SE For PS2
I pre-ordered this through Amazon a few weeks back and just received notice that the order has been canceled because of low product availability. This is one gift that was important for me to pick up for someone special. If anyone has this and is interested in selling it, I'd be interested in a possible sale. I'll be honest, I can't pay an outrageous amount for this, I'm on disability because of health issues, so I'm on a budget, but if you give me a price and I can meet it, I'd love to buy this for that someone special.

DVD Josh 12-13-07 08:27 AM

Do you mean PS3? There is no rockband version of PS2.

BTW, I have seen Rock Band in every store I've been in lately. It's not selling that well, probably due to cost and size.

I would be glad to buy and ship you one, but tax and shipping would kill you.

Crazee4DVDs 12-13-07 09:26 AM

Hi, thanks for the reply. No, it is for the PS2, it was set for release on 11 December and according to Amazon, "Unfortunately, we've learned that we will not be receiving the quantity we expected from our supplier.". I saw several for PS3 and X-Box 360 over the weekend, but none of the PS2 and was worried when the 11 December shipping date came and went without my order shipping.

DVD Josh 12-13-07 11:00 AM

I'm sorry about that. I got some bad info. However, according to the press release, it looks like 12/18 for release.


BB says 12/19:


This would explain why I haven't seen any copies of it anywhere.

If I were you, I'd hold out and check stores on release day. There will be plenty of copies given the price of the set.

Crazee4DVDs 12-13-07 11:06 AM

Thanks very much, I'll try and hit a store. We live in the sticks and the closest Best Buy is over an hour away, but if I can possibly get a copy by traveling, I'm willing. Thanks, again for the info.

Crazee4DVDs 12-21-07 09:08 PM

Tuesday I hit a Best Buy and they said to check back the following day, so I traveled over an hour away, to be there when the store opened. Got there and was told they wouldn't be receiving any bundles until after Christmas. I was told to try their website and if ordered by 19 December, I could get guaranteed delivery before Christmas. I sat at the computer all afternoon where it kept telling me that ordering the product online was, 'Coming Soon'. Then, it suddenly popped up, 'Sold Out'. I completely gave up and lo and behold, I went to a local K-Mart, tonight and they had three bundles sitting on their shelves.....I promptly snagged one. :clap:

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