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WOLFie 11-01-07 07:28 PM

FS:Gears of War CE,Halo 3 LE,Elite Beat Agents, Okami plus more PS2,PSP,DS games
Please PM me with any offers or questions. Paypal non-credit card only. If a credit card is the only option I will accept a Amazon.com gift certificate purchased with one in the amount and sent via email being that I shop with them frequently. Pictures are below but if addition pictures or info is needed please let me know.

Everything below is like new unless otherwise noted. $2.00 shipped with confirmation.

XBox 360 -
Gears of War CE $43
Halo 3 LE $47 ($45 if bought with GoW)

PS2 -
Okami $19
Dark Cloud 2 $19
Suikoden 3 $19

Nintendo DS - ($15 each if bought together and $7 games become $4)
Hotel Dusk Room 215 $20
Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow (Original cover.) $17
Kirby Canvas Curse $16 (No case)
Elite Beat Agents $15
Trace Memory $7
Feel The Magic $7
Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin preorder bonus (New) $30 Will also include the game case but the game got lost.

PSP - $8 ($7 each if bough together)
Coded Arms
Metal Gear Ac!d
Untold Legends - Brotherhood of the blade

Misc -
Casablanca HD DVD (New) $15


Layziebones 11-02-07 01:06 AM

Id really like to have Halo 3 by Saturday. Can I get it overnighted by tomorrow?

WOLFie 11-02-07 02:31 AM

Sorry Layziebones if I was to do overnight it would probably cost more than picking it up at a local store or from Amazon.

WOLFie 11-06-07 11:34 AM


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