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shomemiss 07-12-07 01:19 AM

360 Games for Trade
Table Tennis
King Kong
Dead Rising-Traded

Marvel Ultimate Alliance
Open to other offers...

Thanks for looking... you can check my ebay feedback under waynedoug, however if you are an older member I would be more than happy to ship first... thanks again!
e-mail- [email protected]

shomemiss 08-12-07 09:37 AM

Bump... anyone?

Gutz 08-12-07 03:02 PM

No problem. If you'll change your mind, contact me via PM. Gutz (Gold Trader)

shomemiss 08-12-07 04:15 PM

I'm not really looking for DVD's at this time, but if I change my mind I'll definately let you know, I saw some decent titles on your list... thanks for looking, I'll keep you posted.

Mechazilla 08-15-07 03:59 PM

I have an Oblivion CE (Excellent).
Would you do DR & Kameo for it?

shomemiss 08-16-07 09:29 PM

Sure, I'd do that... do you have any feedback or anything on this site? Thanks for the offer, hope it goes through... : )

shomemiss 08-16-07 09:32 PM

*New addition- MLB2k7

Mechazilla 08-16-07 10:27 PM

email sent

stewie75 08-17-07 02:43 AM

I have Marvel Ultimate Alliance, complete with box and manual, no scratches, perfect.
For Condemned and MLB?

shomemiss 08-17-07 08:31 PM

Sorry, I'd say one or the other, but not both... think about it and let me know... thanks for the offer...

shomemiss 08-21-07 02:19 AM

Updated and final bumped... any other offers? Let me know... thanks!

Mechazilla 08-27-07 01:20 PM

Got my games Thanks

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