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Kicker_of_Elves 07-10-07 03:15 PM

FS: Crackdown and Xbox 360 Rechargeable Battery Pack (MS Brand)
Gold Trader: I ship first class w/Delivery Confirmation and usually the same day payment is made. I am only looking to sell at this time so please don't offer any trades, they will be ignored.


<strike>Rechargeable Controller Battery Pack</strike>

Paypal payments only please. Thanks for looking. :wave:

movieking 07-10-07 06:44 PM

YGM Re: Crackdown

Kicker_of_Elves 07-11-07 01:19 PM

I didn't get anything. My direct email address is: [email protected]. That should work.

Kicker_of_Elves 07-13-07 11:16 AM


movieking 07-14-07 10:44 PM

Resent. Thanks

Kicker_of_Elves 07-15-07 01:44 PM


Kicker_of_Elves 07-18-07 05:36 AM

No one needs an extra battery? :(

PixyJunket 07-18-07 09:04 AM

Does it come with the charging cable?

Kicker_of_Elves 07-18-07 02:08 PM

No, i got the quick charge kit instead of the play and charge one.

Kicker_of_Elves 07-19-07 03:50 PM

Updated. 1 Battery left, anyone interested in it?

Noonan 07-20-07 08:34 AM

I'll take it. Please e-mail me your paypal info. Thanks.

Kicker_of_Elves 07-23-07 10:42 AM

Noonan - YGM!

Kicker_of_Elves 07-23-07 11:05 AM

Both items now sold! Could a MOD please lock this thread? Thanks in advance.

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