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A-aron 06-12-07 12:34 PM

WANTED: Monopoly/Boggle/Yahtzee/Battleship for DS
Darn EBGames ad above!

Apparently this is no longer made. Anyone have one they are looking to sell/trade? My son has been bugging my for Battleship, and would love this.

Thanks in advance.

forsho01 06-12-07 01:15 PM

oh wow. this isn't made anymore? it's a pretty fun game. hope you get it.

KurrptSenate 06-12-07 01:54 PM

if he JUST wants battleship, get him clubhouse games. Has it built in

A-aron 06-12-07 01:58 PM

Yeah .. I saw that one .. I figured he (and I) would get more play from the other games as well. Seems like used will be the only way to find it.

KurrptSenate 06-12-07 02:36 PM

well, maybe

but, considering the fact club house has 48 games, is 8 players, WiFi, online, the whole 9, i'd say you really can't go wrong with that

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