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metalhead212 06-04-07 10:43 AM

looking to buy xbox 360 games and peripherals
Hi all, I am looking to pick up a few things for my 360.

God Rules apply, and I reserve the right to cancel the deal before I send out payment if I feel the deal has gone shady. I will be paying by mostly by money order but I do have access to paypal. I have no problems sending first so long as you can supply proof of successful deals transfered on dvd talk. Ebay feedback does not count.

The prices are for each item shipped. Please feel free to make an offer though as we may be able to work something out, depending on the quality of the item.

The items in red are what I would like to pick up first.

I would like to pickup:

Wireless network adapter: $30 - $60
2 x Rechargeable Battery Packs: $6 Each
Xbox Wireless Headset w/instruction book: 20 - 25$

I would also like to pick up.

Perfect Dark 0: 10$
Rumble Roses XX: 10$
Crackdown: 20-25$
Guitar Hero 2 w/guitar: 60-65$
Viva Pinata: 15-20$

Thanks for Looking!!

badlieut 06-04-07 12:41 PM

I'll sell you my Crackdown. Please email me when you get a chance.

WOLFie 06-12-07 01:28 AM

Still looking for the following?
Wireless network adapter:
Viva Pinata:

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